Next to the frontiersmen of the Greek North - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 - 23:26

Next to the frontiersmen of the Greek North - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

"You must know that if we run to save Macedonia, Macedonia will save us! She will save us from the dirt in which we roll; she will save us from mediocrity and our dead spirit... If we run to save Macedonia, we will be saved ! "

These words belong to one of the greatest Greeks of the twentieth century, Ion Dragoumis, whose memory is desecrated by some people who doubt  his clear nationalism; words of fire full of truth, which I felt during the three days that I was in the cities of our Macedonia.

We have lived for eight years under the foreign rule with the antinational memorandums and with the Greeks suffering, but passively accepting the situation. At the same time, in Italy, a national wind blows and there is a patriotic resistance against Brussels' plans. In the meanwhile, the status of the Rothschild employee, Macron, in France is being churned by the “yellow vests”! But in Greece, concerning those issues that have dramatically reduced the income of the Greeks and the quality of their lives, there’s silence, a deathly silence.

Fortunately, like a thunderbolt in the sky, the issue of our Macedonia broke out; an issue that, in 1993, some thought that it would be forgotten in ten years ... But 25 years have passed and it is still not forgotten!

I felt the flame and the passion of a whole nation as I stepped into the area of Macedonia, in the city of Katerini, through the slogans of the young fighters who were waiting for me at the entrance of the building where I would give my speech. I felt it in Thessaloniki, in our crowded offices, where it was impossible to fit all the proud Greek men and women, and as a result the multitude of people flooded the entire building, even up to the exit.

In my speech I denounced the status of the antinational tyranny, saying and denouncing that in a city with a population of more than one million, they could not find even ... one hall (!) to give to the head of the third political force of the country, GOLDEN DAWN! After my speech I went to Aristotle Square, and the next day to the central market of Thessaloniki. Everywhere I went, I met faces full of power and will to fight for Greece alongside GOLDEN DAWN, the vanguard of our fighting Nation.

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, I spoke in a crowded hall in the martyr city of Drama. There, too, hundreds of Golden Dawn men and women did not obey to the announcements of the local MP of SYRIZA, who had also distributed brochures throughout the city with the slogan “Nicholaos Mihaloliakos is unwanted”.

Before my speech in Drama, where I denounced the treachery of the one hundred years of the left, which wanted the… “independence” of our Macedonia and our Thrace, I laid a wreath at the monument of the Greeks that were slaughtered by the Bulgarians at Doxato.

On the evening of the same day I was in Serres where it was not ... feasible in the pseudo- democracy of the Marxists and the Liberals, to find a hall in order to give a speech in a region where GOLDEN DAWN received 8,840 votes in the last election! That’s the way that the pseudo-democrats of the political establishment respect the will of the people. But it was better this way. The gathering took place in a central part of the city, under the freezing December wind, and then a march followed where the youth were, once again, the pioneers.

On Sunday, December 9, I was at the Nationalist Castle of Kilkis, in the arms of hundreds of my comrades who are holding up the Flag of Nationalism. Next to the Frontiersmen of the Greek North; Frontiersmen who are themselves descendants of the Frontiersmen that had once guarded the borders of the East in the Empire of the Komnenoi, and who are now guarding them for our Macedonia.

Last stop was Polykastro, where once again the Greek Flags were kept high, the eyes were clear, and the morale was kept brave for a great and strong Greece. But what I have kept closer to heart was the look of the young lads, which was fiery, determined; a young generation is growing up in Greece and I believe that this generation will be the generation of Victory.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn