New Democracy won’t abolish the Prespa agreement Article of N. Michaloliakos

Monday, 7 January 2019 - 18:53

New Democracy won’t abolish the Prespa agreement Article of N. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the national newspaper “Empros”

The major national issue of our times is the name of Skopje and consequently the “Prespa agreement”. Pretty delayed, New Democracy attempts to canvass on this issue, without presenting a clear stance regarding this agreement! In my recent speech in the Greek Parliament at the 18th of December, I mentioned this practice and I urged the political opposition to present a clear stance: 

“New Democracy, experiencing the denial of an entire people, remembered -lately of course- that the “Prespa agreement” is, probably, a treason and ordered its MPs and members to attack against SYRIZA, however absolutely without commenting about the name of Skopje, but only about the language and the nationality.  

In fact, Mitsotakis himself in the commission of New Democracy mentioned: “New Democracy won’t consent in the “Prespa agreement”, not now, not in the future, never”. He could have said something simpler, that he will abolish this agreement. He did not. On the contrary, he claims he will probably accept this agreement, if it gets voted in the Greek Parliament. Golden Dawn has a clear stance on this issue: No compromises for our Macedonia!

Of course, their objections are based on the fact that the inter-State agreements cannot be abolished. There is, however, a historical fact that refutes this argument. There was an agreement in the past between Greece and Albania regarding the EEZ during the governance of Berisha, yet the next government abolished this agreement. Similarly, if New Democracy aspires to become solvent, they have to state clearly that they will abolish this agreement. Their claim that they will not support this agreement is just an evasion.”

They never answered me in the Parliament, nor did they answer through the media. In fact, there was an article at the newspaper “Kathimerini” with the title “Can they abolish the “Prespa agreement”, after its validation?”

“From time to time, in the public sphere many express the view that the “Prespa agreement” can be abolished with just a denouncement…Well, regarding this possible denouncement, things are unfortunately really difficult. This issue is regulated by the Vienna Treaty regarding the Law of Treaties (1969), which binds both Greece and FYROM…The Vienna Treaty defines the conditions under which an abolishment of agreement is permitted…The main assumption is that the best way to prevent all these is the denial of Greece to this agreement.”

The main deduction from this article is that NEW DEMOCRACY WILL NOT ABOLISH THE PRESPA AGREEMENT! 

P.S. It is important to note that this article is written by professor Mr. Syrigos, who is rumored to join the elections by the side of New Democracy. So, this is an article from a professor-politician and illustrates accurately the intentions of New Democracy regarding the Prespa agreement.