Nations cannot write History with “slogans”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 30 June 2018 - 16:59

Nations cannot write History with “slogans”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the national newspaper “Empros”

“Opinions, hearts, all the Greeks,
Whatever you are do not forget
You are not by your hands only, no
You owe to all those who came
Passed, will come, will pass…”

Last Sunday, 17 of June 2018, a black page was written in the History of this country. This failed state surrendered to the foreign suzerains and literally gave the name Macedonia, our own Greek History! The responsibility is not only of those who signed this disgraceful agreement, but also of all of us, if we do not manage to throw this agreement –literally- into the garbage! 

When at 1950 Greeks started picking up their ashes after ten years of a hard and merciless war, we thought we were by the side of the winners. Not only because who were by the side of those who won the war, but also because we were by the side of the West. 

Seventy years have passed ever since, and yet the outcome is only sorrow, depression, rage and chagrin. Northern Epirus, Cyprus, Aegean and now Macedonia and Thrace. Everywhere Greek People are under persecution and there is only submission and yieldingness, while our “allies” have completely abandoned us. 

These were seventy years of persecution and torments for Greek People, in Greek territory. Englishmen used to hang young boys at Cyprus, at Constantinople Turks extirpated the Greeks, while the Aegean is demanded by Turkey, while USA and NATO remain indifferent. Also, Northern Epirus is abandoned, Thrace is in danger and Macedonia constitutes the target of Skopje.

These seventy years were long enough for us, in order to recall the words of the great Nationalist Dragoumes, regarding the so called “prudence”.  “This prudence has taken our dreams away. No, I seek for the “craze” that can clean all the dirtiness and filthiness of our humiliated Nation. Craze has eyes and can see. Prudence is blind. I seek for the Irreconcilable, the Hard, the Crazy, the Iron, the Unbowed.” (Ion Dragoumes, “The book of Giannopoulos, 15-10-1906). 

The time has come for us to think about these seventy years. Years of a humiliating and miserable “prudence”. As people, what we did towards all these insults and defeats? We vowed…slogans! “Cyprus is Greek”, “Aegean is Greek”, “Northern Epirus is Greek”, “Macedonia is Greek”, “Thrace is Greek’. 

Slogans, words, nothing but words that fade in the wind…At last, we must stop the words, Greek People, each and every one of us, we have to take our own responsibility towards History, towards those that came and passed and those who will come and will pass. The unborn and the dead will be our judges in the end!