Nationalists do NOT forget the Heroes: Thousands of Comrades of Golden Dawn honored the fallen Heroes of Imia-Photography

Wednesday, 7 February 2018 - 13:31

Despite the schemes of the state and the parastate, once again this year, 22 years later, thousands of Greek Nationalists arrived in Mesogeion Avenue to honor the Heroic Officers of the Greek Navy and also to make it clear that Greek Nationalists are opposed to the upcoming treason of our Macedonia from the politicians of the so called “constitutional platform”.

The vigorous event commenced with Comrade Alexandros Gerontas, who stated that the members of Golden Dawn are real guardians of Greek History and we do not forget the Greek Officers nor the treason of this rotten political establishment that torments our Homeland.

Afterwards, Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris presented the historical context of that dreary night when the three Greek Officers of our Navy reached immortality. But then, followed the treason of Pagkalos and Simitis that continues to the current antinationalist politicians who are eager to sell off our Macedonia.

Then, Comrade and chairman of ELAM, Christos Christou made a speech, where he referred to the Proud Nationalistic Victory of ELAM at Cyprus at the recent elections, doubling their rates.

However, the remaining two candidates for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus support the betraying solution of the “bi-zonal, bi-communal federation” and of course loathe ELAM, given the fact the Greek Nationalists of ELAM remind them of the fighters of EOKA. Well, Comrade stated that the same happens in Greece, where the only Greek Movement in the Greek Parliament is Golden Dawn!

Afterwards, Comrade Artemis Mathaiopoulos brought the message of the Serbian Nationalistsof Vojislav Šešelj, noting that they also do not forget the 31st of January, the night when the Greek Officers died from the bullets of Turkish. He also noted that the leader of the Serbian Radical Party agrees with the Greek Nationalists in their position about our Macedonia, about “BORDERS WITH SERBIA”.

Then, Comrade Giannis Lagos made a speech regarding the history of the assemblages of Golden Dawn for Imia, which continues 22 years later, despite the constant schemes of the corrupted regime and the parastatals.

This story continues for decades, where Golden Dawn fights against the conspiracy of parastatals, politicians and channel owners, in the name of our National Issues and the interest of Greek citizens, throughout Greece. Let them know that Golden Dawn will always stand against the traitors.

Cheers and acclamations could be heard from far away when the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, started his speech pointing the claims of the corrupted politicians that Golden Dawn exploited this rally, where he stated that only Golden Dawn has a steady stance for this issue from the very start.

The calumniations of the politicians and the silence of the journalists are not the only obstacles. Golden Dawn has to resist towards the parastatals, who, with counter-protests, bomb attacks and assaults attempt to bend Golden Dawn. It seems they have not yet understand that Golden Dawn is like steel, the more you hit it, the harder it becomes.

The Leader of Golden Dawn referred to the growing hope in our Cyprus with the rise of ELAM. He also mentioned the Nationalists from Northern Epirus, who took part in this impressive assemblage, proving the fact that there are still true Greeks!

There are Greeks who do not bend the knee in front of the museum of Kemal, who do not only listen apathetically to Erdogan and his “150 problems with Greece”. Of course, for him, these problems are our Greek Islands. In one of these islands died the heroic Officers of our Navy.

In the end, the Leader of Golden Dawn referred to the Rally in Athens about Macedonia. He noted that paradoxically everyone now remembered our Macedonia, but he clarified that in this Rally Golden Dawn will be present, in order to declare their steady stance ever since the 90ies: “NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA”.

Golden Dawn remembers our Heroes. The three Officers at Imia, Tasos Isaak, Solomos Solomou and all those who lost their life for Greece, among them our Comrades, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis, whose spirit will always be with us, holding the Greek Flag together!

The event ended with a moment of silence in the Honor of the Fallen Heroes, with the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn and then took place a rigorous march towards the Ministry of National Defense.

Captain Christodoulos Karathanasis, Captain Panagiotis Vlahakos, Standard-Bearer Ektoras Gialopsos: IMMORTAL!

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