Nationalism: The only path against globalization - An article from N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 29 June2017 - 23:51

Nationalism: The only path against globalization - An article from N.G. Michaloliakos

The end of an Era for the New one coming 

“Nationalism is a form of activity. Every energetic human is a nationalist either he knows it or not. An internationalist is an element of death for his country.”

“Let go of the state, which will be a barrier or will deform the national soul. If the state depresses the nation, it has either to change form or perish. The state that blocks the nation’s physiology, is unnecessary and damaging.”


First and foremost, I have to explain why at the beginning of the text I placed two phrases from the Great Greek Nationalist Ion Dragoumis, who was cowardly and unfairly assassinated from the “democrats”. The latter can be considered as a response to the book entitled “A Man for All Seasons: the Uncompromising Life of Ion Dragoumis” (In Greek “Ίων Δραγούμης, ο Ασυμβίβαστος) of Mr John A. Mazis, holder of a PhD in Russian and European History and professor of the United States University.  As he himself stated in an interview to the “Kathimerini” newspaper, food for thought was given to him from the fact that Golden Dawn uses Ion Dragoumis in its lectures (in an awkward way …. as he noted). The aim of the book is to prove that Ion Dragoumis had nothing to do with the term “fascists”, that the tyrannical media use to describe the people of Golden Dawn.

But, if someone studies Mr Mazis’s book, he will come to the exact opposite conclusion and indeed, I am going to mention a part from the chapter of the book “Ion Dragoumis and fascism” page 287, in which the author highlights: “As most of the first fascists and precursors of fascism, Ion Dragoumis rejected and despised the corrupted, and for many others pseudo-democratic political system of his time. He was talking with contempt for the 1864 Constitution and for the “self-declared National Assembly”, which had voted the aforementioned Constitution.”

In addition, with his remarkable work Professor, John A. Mazis highlights the aspects of the intellectual and political entity of Ion Dragoumis, such as the fact that he was profoundly influenced by Nietzsche and Barrès, the father of French nationalism or "fascism" according to the terminology of our time. He is also talks us about his personal acquaintance with the French racialist Gobineau, who had lived in Greece. To put it simply, Professor John A. Mazis proved in his book that if there is somebody who can claim with mounting evidence that he is the political heir of Ion Dragoumis, he cannot be anyone else but all the Nationalists of GOLDEN DAWN!

At the End of an Era

After the fall of the regimes of the non-existent socialism, after the collapse of Bolshevism, which had disappeared as a house of cards and aside from the fact that Marxist thinking prevailed in our country, and Greece is unfortunately the last soviet of Europe, it is assumed that dominant forces of humanity, who hold money in their hands, attempt an absolute levelling, seek the dominion of the masses, but a necessary element and prerequisite for achieving this is to have one consumer paradise. Does this happen in our days?

 I believe that I shall reply with the words of the late Greek thinker Panagiotis Kondylis from his book "Planetary Politics after the Cold War" in which he points out: "If the adoption of the principles of human rights, parliamentarism etc. is linked to the desire and the expectation of rapid participation in prosperity and freedom of the West, then the failure of this pursuit will necessarily change the positive attitude towards the West and its Ideology. "

This is exactly the era that we live in or maybe the end of this era, since the tragic failure of capitalism has in fact made the prospect of this prosperity prohibitive and therefore what is expected to take on ever greater dimensions is a questioning of the dominant Western ideology. This is the direction that the nationalist Movements go all over Europe and, of course, the same goes for the GOLDEN DAWN in Greece, that has to face the hatred and the bellicose mood of an entire system, both in terms of the Liberals and Marxists. 

Our Nationalism

The rulers of political life, who use an authoritarian way to impose opinions, ideas and terms, consider that Nationalism is the result of the French Revolution. This may be true for many of the states in Europe that sought unity, which would eliminate their fragmentation into feudal-style states, but in no way applies to Greece. So, is that true? Did the Nationalism of Ionos Dragoumis or Pericles Giannopoulos relate to the French Revolution? It is at least funny such a view when taking into consideration their opposition towards the spirit of the so-called Enlightenment.

But let's have a look at another interpretation of Nationalism. This interpretation is of direct concern to us and is absolutely relevant to the Nationalism of GOLDEN DAWN. We re-read in the book of Panagiotis Kondylis and more specifically in the chapter "Tradition and Modernization": "The interpretation of Nationalism as an invasion of the past in the present is often connected with perceptions drawn from the anthropology and philosophy of history. Those perceptions render the persistent survival of the nationalist spirit towards the underestimated need of human for mental and material ties and to the corresponding identity, or consider the Nationalism as a natural and anticipated rebellion against the rationality of the World and at the same time against the utilitarian rationality of the rule of law."

This is our Nationalism.

"Revolt against the modern world"

Therefore, the Nationalism of GOLDEN DAWN has nothing to do with the civic Nationalism of the states of Europe. It is a great return to the roots, in a world full of myths and traditions. It is a Νationalism based on the physical reality of the Race and on the philosophy of History. Moreover, it is a Nationalism that seeks the Racial Soul of the Greeks as the only answer to the tyranny of rationality, the mass of the industrial and post-industrial era and the flattening of globalization. 

At the end of an era, where capitalism collapses and Marxism has historically gone bankrupt, Nationalism is the youth of the world, a world that resists the tyranny that they want to impose. This Nationalism is served by the GOLDEN DAWN and its Nationalism is the Party’s desire for a great return to the paths of our millennial Empire and the Ancient Glory. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos 
Secretary General of the People's Association - Golden Dawn