Nation, capitalism and the political “right wing”

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 - 02:46

Nation, capitalism and the political “right wing”

The subversive character is obvious at marxism and also at modern capitalism. As a consequence is paradox and dreary for those who pretend that they represent the right wing, to not be able to escape from the small, dark circle which is formed by the demonic power of economy and includes the capitalism, the marxism and all the intermediate economic classes. 


“A nation ceases to have soul, when it does not place above the money, a number of ideals which are the foundations of its existence. A nation that places above everything money ceases to be a nation and becomes the instrument of the foreigner who has the money, to whom it has surrendered its life and destiny”. 


Never in the history of human species, the poverty, the wretchedness and the poorness led people to elimination. Quite the opposite! The wealth, the adoration of money as the ultimate value is the one that destroys the nations and leads people with a long history to the total zero. The current situation of our country describes perfectly my syllogism. The poor during the Balkan Wars, during the National Revolution, during the years 1940-1941 had ideals and were eager to sacrifice themselves to the Homeland and the Civilization. Nowadays, our compatriots follow a different path. 

Few decades ago, those who vowed “Down the Homeland” were Jewish communist who pretended to be…socialist revolutionaries. Nowadays, those who vow the same words, are the Jewish capitalists, who strive to bring in the entire planet the notorious globalization. 

At the newspaper “VIMA” published at the 26th of September 1999, we read:

“1. The globalization is the dominant ideology of the end of the 20th century. Like communism in the past. Yet, the partisans are not so fanatic. However, this ideology is way more implemented. 

2. The necessary parameters for her existence are three: the passing form the industrial societies to the societies of high technology. The important role of the capital. The spreading of mass pop culture at West and East.”

So, let us not hide from this obvious truth, from the following fact:

The globalization is the death of our nation and the first line of the enemy is no other than the international capital, which threatens not only the independence of the nation, but also the soul of our Origin.