N.G. Michaloliakos: Faith is stronger than fire!

Thursday, 30 October 2014 - 01:46

N.G. Michaloliakos: Faith is stronger than fire!

Faith stronger than fire

It was in january of 1993 when it issued the first edition of the Golden Dawn newspaper. Everyone thought that would be

a great failure and that it would give a maximum of 10-20 sheets, Once again they counted things with their own measures

and  they didnt calculate that Golden Dawn means faith and perseverance.

21 years ago i wrote an editorial in this newspaper that there was never a version among all the others but a battle instrument

for the Greek nationalists. Today 21 years later behind the bars of a prison cell i am still writing the same things without counting the

consequences and the bars which i am locked.

Those who know the history of Golden Dawn will remember that the first time tried to set up a provocation and make us out law. They repeated it

later on and failed again. So will the insecure and coward Samaras who will fail in the end to.

I will remind to the youngers the first provocation against Golden Dawn which appeared in a school in Ampelokipi. It was a student that complained

that members of Golden Dawn scar a swastika on her head.

Tabloids newspapers and television talked about neonazi attacks and the closing of Golden Dawn. It is a story that lasts for many years.. Then the doctors

came and examined the girl and came to the scientific conclusion that no one had lead the student to a scar. that was a tattoo which has been made by her own will.

The formal justification of our innocence never mentioned by the press or the tv channels, instead anarchists and left wing pupils made demonstrations against

Golden Dawn in Athens city center during which they burned cars and any kiosk that has our newspaper on it. And no one from the so called "democrats"

said a word for this crime against a legal political party.

Leading all these years the newspaper of Golden Dawn struggles for national independence. In first line against the betrayal of Imia in 1996, the betrayal of

Otsalan to the turks from the greekies, against the entry of Greece into to eurozone. We were writing that it was a matter of national sovereignty and 

national independence not to make any kind of deal or memorandum with the europeans.

21 years have passed and the newspaper of Golden Dawn remains pioneer for national raise.

Co fighters of Golden Dawn i will continue to express from the depth of my sooul the one and only truth whatever the cost will be.

And this is a mans word who is illegally imprisoned by a tratory government


N.G Mihaloliakos

political prisoner

Korydallos state jail