N.G. Michaloliakos: The “NO” of Golden Dawn

Tuesday, 7 November 2017 - 15:38

N.G. Michaloliakos: The “NO” of Golden Dawn

From the speech in the event for the NO of Greeks

“I would like, at first, to congratulate our Comrades who worked for the creation of this hall. Yet, this space is proved to be small. We thought that hundreds of chairs would be enough, yet even outside of this hall there are people. It seems that no matter what they do, they cannot stop us…”

An unaccountable parastate under the protection of the antinational state

“We reached the point where in the Officers Club, which is located in the street with the name Pavlos Melas, a Greek Officer who spilt his blood for the National Idea, they played a communist song. A song of those who slaughtered the Greek soldiers and executed the Greek Officers. Also, it is not long ago, when in the center of Athens, some “immune” leftists beat three army cadets and a soldier of Greek Army.

And all these took place in the capital of Greece. Well, when Kontonis, who pretends to be the minister of Justice talked about murders I directly answered him: “You protect criminals”. This is the reality, they are criminals and they protect criminals. But they will not last long. In the end Greece awakens and clears any rotten and filthy in this world.”

The enemies of Golden Dawn

“…We have enemies of every kind: international usurers, the global conspiracy that controls all the people and of course the fake patriots, who accuse us of not be active. We are on the streets, we organize assemblages, they organize counter-protests, the police closes the streets. Comrades you have experienced that, you have been walking for half an hour to reach the place of the event, since the streets are closed. And then they claim that we do nothing. Who? Those who stay in their home. Well, we have fought not only in streets and squares, but also in the cells of the prisons. 

They also claim that the leadership of Golden Dawn does not aim for a major growth, for the rise of our Movement. So, do we desire our exclusion from the media? Do we withdraw our ballot papers from the polling sites? Do we organize the counter-protests at our events? Do we censor our statements in the Peristyle of the Parliament? 

The fake patriots and the alleged flag-wavers, all those who accuse Golden Dawn, support in reality SYRIZA and the global conspiracy, all together. Those who calumniate Golden Dawn are no patriots, they are traitors of the Nation, because the Nation nowadays is Golden Dawn.”

Our vision for a new Greece

“They hate Ioannis Metaxas. Not only the communists, but also the liberals. As a matter of fact, I shall present you an excerpt from the book of Ioannis Metaxas, where he defines the ideology of the 4th of August: 

“So, this so called democracy, is the child of capitalism. This is the mean with which capitalism dominates the people. This kind of democracy needs elections of secret voting, which means organized political parties and big capitals. For the same reason democracy needs newspapers, meaning big capitals. It needs elections, meaning money. And many other things that need money. So, only those who have beg capitals or their instruments can participate in these elections. In fact, those who have the newspapers educate the common opinion according to their wishes. Democracy is the genuine child of capitalism.”

Throughout Greece, those who uttered the most despicable “yes” of the Modern Greek History will honor the “NO’. As I have said before for the Comrades of Golden Dawn four words are enough to deny the memoranda: “loss of national sovereignty”. These four words are enough and we are proud for this “NO”. 

I will tell you a story. It was January of 1996 when few people were assembled outside of the parliament and protested for the downhaul of the Flag in a national sovereign land, Imia. Then, a camera of the channel SKAI approached us, where Evaggelatos was the presenter of the newscast. 

He had asked me back then: “So, what Greek government should have done?” I answered “They should have say no, as Ioannis Metaxas did”. Then they stooped broadcasting and this exclusion continues for other twenty one years. 

I encourage you all to go 77 years back. It was the 27th of October, where the people was calm with no idea for tomorrow. And what happened tomorrow was a golden page Greek History, it was the NO of Ioannis Metaxas and there were the sirens of war. In the streets of Athens, the children with the black uniforms were saluting and raising their right hand. This was the youth of EON, the youth of Victory. Golden Dawn wish to create a youth of Victory like this one. Long live the 28th of October! Long live Ioannis Metaxas!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn