N.G. Michaloliakos: Since this antinational system cannot vanquish us, declares that we do not…exist!

Friday, 3 November 2017 - 20:08

N.G. Michaloliakos: Since this antinational system cannot vanquish us, declares that we do not…exist!

An answer to the dirty propaganda and the flag-wavers who pretend to be nationalists

The war against GOLDEN DAWN during the last months has taken a totalitarian form, a fact that indicates the despair of the rotten political establishment to stop Golden Dawn. It is not only about the communists or the antinationalist liberals, who sacrifice everything in the name of money and economy, it is also about the so called “patriots” who “worry” about the future of Greece!

The ultimate conspiracy of silence

In previous years they used to systematically calumniate us, but in this way they were promoting us. So, now they have chosen another path, the ultimate conspiracy of silence, regarding our political positions, our activities, our actions throughout the country. 

But the owners of television stations have also another reason to bury to the ground GOLDEN DAWN. They try in every way to promote PASOK, regarding to which I had stated in my speech at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair that “the dead cannot come alive”. Yet, in their despair they remain in this stance, since some other alleged right wing parties have already failed! This is why the newspapers constantly promote Mrs. Gennimata, while the fake opinion polls support Kotzias and Kammenos. 

GOLDEN DAWN does not…exist!

Well, lately, in order to harm GOLDEN DAWN, they discovered a new plan according to which they rumor that GOLDEN DAWN is done, exists no more. So, their main argument is the withdrawal of certain unknown political persons, which became famous after their withdrawal from GOLDEN DAWN!

And that is not enough…They claim that GOLDEN DAWN does not wish to rise and has no action! Yet, who claim these?  Those who systematically hide every action of GOLDEN DAWN. They even wrote that I have limited my political action!

Well, let us make a brief parenthesis with my political acts of the last months, in order to realize their mendacities. At the 13 of September of 2017 I gave a press conference at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, which was illegally not broadcasted by the public television. The representatives of the newspapers were absent, yet they dare to claim that we do not speak! 

There have been constant interventions, speeches, events and interviews at the television stations of Northern Greece “Egnatia” and “center TV” and an event for the families having many children. Also a statement of mine for the ecological disaster at Saronikos, for the outcome of the German elections, the major issue of Thrace and the visit of Tsipras at USA. Also the speeches I made at the Youth Front and at our offices at Piraeus, while there was a counter-protest. 

Also, took place a strong confrontation in the Parliament from my part and on behalf of the MPs of GOLDEN DAWN for the legislation concerning the “change of gender”. As matter of fact, among the 57 MPs who talked about this legislation, the 11 were MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. And then, some persons have the audacity to claim that we speak no more, we are not loud!

They can read my speech which provoked the reaction of Voutsis and Kontonis! Also, the next day there was a conflict between me and Kontonis, since I uttered face to face that he is a bolshevist who hides criminals and murderers. 

“Amber alert»: Gone…political party!

Yet, they do not see these, they do not write about these, so we do not exist…They put “amber alert” and claimed that a political party is gone. Of course our party is gone from their dirty newspapers and television channels which are paid by Greek People. There is no coincidence that from the extreme left wing to the extreme right wing they insist on the same things, since some crooks do use patriotism as their last refuge. 

However, all those who read our newspaper and those who believe in GOLDEN DAWN, should understand that our worst enemies are the fake patriots, who pretend to be partisans of our Ideas, yet they deviously harm GOLDEN DAWN!

Well, their attempts are vain, since the rise of GOLDEN DAWN is close.

Dear Comrades, turn your back to the fake “flag-wavers”, who accuse GOLDEN DAWN. Do not believe them, they lie! You hold in your hands the Flag of Fight. Crush the conspiracy of silence and Fight by our side, for a New Greece, without traitors and cowards. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn