N.G. Michaloliakos: Remaining unsubdued in times of submission!

Monday, 3 July2017 - 16:58

N.G. Michaloliakos: Remaining unsubdued in times of submission!



“Proud Comrades, you deserve our admiration for being here today, in this area, where few days ago some frightened jackals by using cars with police lights and bulletproof vests, attacked and hit four Comrades. Two men and two proud women.

What did they achieved with that? Nothing! Panagiotis is here and so is Maria and they are present here and ready to continue to fight. Yet, I would like to refer, apart from the reason we are here today, to the current situation of our country.”

They enslaved even further our Homeland to the foreigners 

“…Few days ago, at 15 of June, another humiliating agreement was signed at Eurogroup. So, Tsipras and his political partner, Kammenos, said that they managed a national victory. They enslaved even further our country to the foreign usurers. Against them all, only one power is fighting them, unconditionally and proudly, Golden Dawn of Greeks! Golden Dawn of the Nationalists!

Which was their agreement at 15th of June? I made only a statement at our website, yet the media covered this statement. They agreed to take 8, 5 billion euros. At the beginning of July. Until the 15 of July do you know the destination of the 7 billion of these money? Their destination are the usurers! And they will share among themselves the rest of the money. SYRIZA is building a political regime and makes numerous appointments. At 15 of June this notorious Eurogroup decided to have primary excess 3, 5 % and 2% each year, until when? Until 2060! They do not only enslave Greece temporally. They enslave our children and the children of our children…

So, Tsipras called all the political leaders to have a conversation and to notify them about the agreement of Eurogroup and about the Cyprus issue. Of course, once again, the system showed its real enemy, since it did not invited me, none of you, Golden Dawn…Because for SYRIZA, ND and all these political parties you are not Greeks, you have no rights…”

New Democracy: Same policy with SYRIZA 

“…Yet, what can we say about New Democracy? It has the same policy with SYRIZA. ND claims that is voting against the measures but is engaged that if it becomes the government, and in the next elections it will probably be the first political party, it will implement these measures. So, where is the reliability in N.D., when it says that it shall vote against the measures, but then it will implement these measures? There is no logic in that.

Well, let us not forget that this agreement is the result of SYRIZA memorandum, which was voted at the 14 of August of 2015, when New Democracy voted the memorandum as well and only Golden Dawn resisted and still resists to these antinational measures…”

“…And the national issues are in crisis. And the prime minister of the Ottomans, the prime minister of Erdogan, Yildirem, came in Greece and publicly stated that the Greeks violate the sovereignty of Turkey in Aegean. They question the sovereignty of Greece in our own capital city and there is no answer! And then, this treacherous government allowed to Yildirem to go to Thrace. At Thrace where Greek men spilt their blood for its liberation, during the heroic fights of ’12-’13.”

“Everyone is fighting us, so we are doing well. If they were not fighting us, this would mean that we are not strong.

There is no coincidence that only few days following this coward criminal murderous ambush to our comrades an opinion poll was published in the Sunday newspaper “Nea Selida”, in which Golden Dawn is the third political party with 9,1 %  and the indeterminate vote reaches 15%. KKE and PASOK follow behind. And the most important point in this opinion poll is the vote of those whose income is lower than 600 euros. At these people, at these classes, Golden Dawn is no third political party, is the second political party, with 12, 7%.

On contrary, at those whose income is higher than 800 euros, Golden Dawn receives only 2, 7 %. A fact that means that the thieves and those who have plundered this country are not by our side. We despise them as well! We want the people, with the people we shall be victorious!”

A river has emerged that constantly strengthens

“Dear comrades, all of you today are an example that the fear of these parastatals and the fear of these marxists that govern this countries with the responsibility of New Democracy, does not reach the Nationalists! We are a river that constantly grows and strengthens and shall become a stream that it will sweep everything in its way, everything rotten and corrupted…

Dear Comrades, proud Greek men and women, you should know that you are our strength. We live in difficult times, but we stand on our feet and we remember the words of the Poet: 

“Do not be afraid of the darkness,
the star of the freedom
will bring the Dawn”.

And yet, this is a coincidence, today, the 21st of June, is the longest day of the year, the light triumphs and the darkness disappears. There is a still free part of Greece. The Freedom exists in the hearts of the Nationalists!

And I send a message to all those who are watching us: they must realize that they will not be done with us that easy, by using the parastatal criminals. Hail Comrades! Glory and honor the sacred fight of Golden Dawn!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn