N.G. Michaloliakos: Purification and national dignity for Macedonia and Aegean! VIDEO

Friday, 23 February 2018 - 23:03

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn assaulted in his speech the gang of Samaras for the Novartis scandal, but also the government for the upcoming treason of the name of our Macedonia. 

At first, he referred to the fact that nowadays the medicine are way cheaper than they used to be in the past years, while the Novartis case started from the Commission of Competition of USA that examined the illicit action of this company. 

He also mentioned the need for the abolition of the legislation regarding the ministerial responsibility, stressing the fact that the abeyance of articles of the Constitution is possible under siege. 

He noted that Golden Dawn remain steady in her positions regarding the abeyance of the law for the ministerial responsibility and the abolition of the deputy immunity, and this the reason why people massively support Golden Dawn. 

He noted the provocative privileges of these law to the ministers a fact that questions the equality of Greek citizens above the law. He also demanded that those who are involved in the Novartis case should deny the lapse of their offenses. 

He reminded that the Greek Parliament did not respect the proof of innocence in the case of Golden Dawn, since Samaras intervened in Justice in order to create the political conspiracy against the third political power of this land. 

Then, he repeated the words of Samaras “I chased them”, wondering about who really chased Golden Dawn, the Justice or Samaras. No justice chased the Nationalistic Movement, Golden Dawn was the victim of a political conspiracy. 

In the end, he made it clear that Golden Dawn will not betray the volition of the Nation, both in the issue of the purification of the corrupted political system and the Macedonian issue. In no way with Novartis scandal we may forget the Macedonian issue and the Turkish threats.

The name of Macedonian is not for sale! Hellenism will not let these antinational plans pass! No matter what this antinational government votes, Greek People will toss them in the garbage!