N.G. Michaloliakos: Our own Thermopylae

Tuesday, 19 September2017 - 01:16

N.G. Michaloliakos: Our own Thermopylae

Excerpts from the speech of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn in the Ceremony in Honor and Memory of the Battle of Thermopylae.

“Today, I salute all of you, being honored to be here, in this sacred place, where a golden page of the Greek History has been written, the Battle of Thermopylae. Today, September 9, here takes place a grand event and some kilometers on the north, the prime minister of the left memoranda, Tsipras, celebrates for the memoranda, for the fact that he delivered our national sovereignty to the barbarians! To the foreign usurers. How could they ever honor Leonidas and his brave men?

Our answers to the celebration of Tsipras at Thessalonica is that there are still in this land Greeks that do not sell of their country! These people are you fellow comrades of Golden Dawn!”

In the era of those who bent the knee 

“Today we honor Thermopylae, so let us think about the national affairs, which end up from bad to worse. At the Aegean, Turkish violate our National Sovereignty. The only answer of the state of Athens is nothing but empty words without meaning. Well, they should realize that after the night of the January of 1996, when Aegean was painted grey by the blood of our heroes, a flame was born in Greece, against all traitors. Aegean was, is and shall remain Greek! In the same time, they want to turn our Cyprus into a federation.

Golden Dawn is opposed to all these traitors who want to bring a new Anan plan. Apart from the above, there is also the issue of our Macedonia, where treachery is already obvious. In many villages of Macedonia, took place festival in the Slavic language and no one reacted! There are still some people in this country, despite the brainwashing and the massive antinational propaganda who resist and do not aim to sell off neither an inch of this land. And this is not only about Macedonia, is also about Thrace, with the Turkish propaganda and the agents of Ankara who celebrate at March 19 the arrival of Kemal Ataturk at Pontus. In the place where Hellenism was massacred, where took place the genocide of our brothers.

A bloody river…Marathon and then Thermopylae. And then Salamis. Afterwards Plataes. And then, new Thermopylae. There, in the battle of Matzikert, in the gate of Romanus, at Afyonkarahisar, at Mesologi, at Pindus, at ELDYK. Greece is still alive, despite the foreign occupation, despite all these traitors who govern our country. This is not the only ceremony in the honor of the great moments of the Greek history, organized by Golden Dawn. The worship of the ancestors is for as a faith of steel! We consider it our duty to honor them. And we shall do it as long as we exist, as long as we breathe, as long our heart beats! We shall honor the dead heroes of Thermopylae, the officers of Imia, Solomos Solomou, Tasos Isaak! Besides, the members of Golden Dawn have their own Thermopylae. At New Heraklion .Where two brave men gave their own battle, had their own Thermopylae, their names are Giorgos Foudoulis and Manos Kapelonis!”

In the tempest of decay: We guard Thermopylae!

“In our era, in the era of memoranda and modern slavery, the honor has different dimensions. Dear Comrades, the 300 and 700 Thespians loved their life, and yet they spilt their blood. The developments in this countries are radically opposed to the values and the ideals of our Great Nation. It is disparaging, miserable and quite paradoxe the fact that some people, in the Greece of memoranda and anti-racism, dare to honor the dead at Thermopylae. They attempted to delete our History. They were wrong! Because you are here! Because we are here! We shall not let them impose oblivion in our History!

For almost 30 years, Golden Dawn, the Movement of Greek Nationalists, honors with consistence the great sacrifice at Thermopylae. During these 30 years I had the honor to be present, along with members of Golden Dawn. All these years, except for two years. At 2014, where some persons put me in a cell of Korydallos prison, so I sent a message that from the cells at Korydallos, we guard Thermopylae! The last words of this message were the above: “You from there and us from the cells of honor, we guard Thermopylae” We shall guard them till the end”. After 4 years, I am proud to be here and to prove that their prisons were not able to stop us, to stop us from honoring Thermopylae.

As for those who do not have a country, those who hate Greece, the marxists and the liberals, who aspire to erase our national memory, well they should know that they are only a dreary parenthesis in our long history. A history that awaits for the future and the future shall come through a new Golden Dawn of Hellenism. Every each one of you dear Comrades, is obliged to guard Thermopylae, in your neighborhood, your city, your village, today, contrary to the decay of this corruption. Against the degeneration, we honor the dead at Thermopylae and we promise we shall guard our own Thermopylae.”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos 
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn