N.G. Michaloliakos for the visit of Erdogan: “Turkey still threatens us!”

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 - 02:26

N.G. Michaloliakos for the visit of Erdogan: “Turkey still threatens us!”

The emptiness and the “cold atheism”, according to the poet Kostis Palamas prevails everywhere! History is absent, while the spirit of Turkish Occupation prevails to those who govern our Homeland. GOLDEN DAWN is opposed to the visit of Erdogan and this is why the issue of our newspaper a week ago, at Thursday November 29 of 2017, launched with the following title at its front page: Erdogan is UNWELCOMED!

The visit of Erdogan would have a reason, if the Turkish president would repent for his anti-Greek statements regarding the “borders of his heart” and for the sovereignty of Turkey at Aegean, since Turkey often violates the Greek sovereignty at Aegean! There is no reason in the visit of Erdogan at Greece, since the Turkish Assembly has proceeded to casus belli, a threat of war, towards Greece.


At the first day of the visit of Erdogan at Greece and after his provocative stance towards the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, I made an announcement where I stressed that: “The antinational positions of the sultan of the ottomans Erdogan are known before his visit at our country. This is the reason why Golden Dawn has publicly characterized him unwelcomed to Greece. Those who invited Erdogan are responsible for his provocations in the capital of Greece. New Democracy is also responsible, since they publicly agreed to the visit of Erdogan. After the provocative statements of Erdogan we call the political authorities of this land to fulfil their historical duty, to ban the triumphal political tour of Erdogan at Thrace”.

Few media announced my statement, while all of them omitted my last phrase, meaning the ban of the political tour of Erdogan at Thrace. Well, the sultan of the ottomans said at Thrace that: “Turkey and Greece have 150 problems”. This phrase concerns the demands of Turkey at 152 islands in our national sovereignty. No one answered to him! All of them pretend they do not understand, except for GOLDEN DAWN. In fact, I had the chance to denounce this audacious Turkish provocation in my interview at the television station Kontra.


Prompted by the visit of Erdogan we saw once again the fact that everyone in this country hid the Truth, the Truth that Erdogan came here us a suzerain and took what he wanted! Everyone, apart from some exceptions, had a dirty antinational role and insisted that the President of the Republic and even Tsipras were offensive to Erdogan…

In reality, the opposite happened. Erdogan had spoken years ago about the revision of the Lausanne Treaty, a possibility that means the change of Greek sovereignty or even the change of our borders! Specifically, the Turkish president talked about the “revision” of the treaty, the Greek President of Republic about “a new interpretation of the treaty” and the prime minister about “modernization”. In reality, for those who speak Greek, the expressions “revision”, “new interpretation” and “modernization” are no different! In other words: THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF ATHENS ACCEPTED THE REVISION OF THE LAUSANNE TREATY!

With a national leadership, the Turkish president would receive the proper answers, since he had the audacity to talk about…injustice! They would remind him of the extirpation of Greeks in Constantinople, Imbros and Tenedos, they would mention Cyprus, where 40% of the island is under Turkish occupation. They would remind him the provisions of Lausanne Treaty regarding Turkey and Cyprus: Lausanne Treaty, article 20: “Turkey declares that acknowledges the addition of Cyprus at the British Government at November 5 of 1914”. Article 21: “The Turkish who reside at the island of Cyprus at the 5th of November of 1914 will take, according to the law, the British citizenship, so they will deny the Turkish citizenship”. 


Honestly we experienced surreal days…We saw “patriots” to declare nationally proud (!) of the humiliation of Greece from sultan Erdogan in Greece! And this does not concern only the politicians, but also newspapers and television stations, all those who pretend to be “patriots” and through channels and newspapers talk about national issues. They must silence! 

Apart from the above, it is common knowledge that USA aspire Greece to be a satellite of Turkey, according to the professor and soul of the Nation, Panagiotis Kondylis. In reality Greece becomes more and more a protectorate of Turkey, according to the wished of USA. And this is the reason why ND did not dare to oppose and react.

New Democracy cannot oppose SYRIZA simply because SYRIZA along with Panos Kammenos conform to the orders of the suzerains of globalization. Towards these suzerains, ND does raise her voice and is silenced. The only National Opposition, a fact proved during the visit of Erdogan, can be GOLDEN DAWN.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn