N.G. Michaloliakos: “Everywhere the citizens of this country call the politicians thieves!”

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 - 18:40

N.G. Michaloliakos: “Everywhere the citizens of this country call the politicians thieves!”

The bolshevists, the liberals, the Novartis scandal and Macedonia

At Friday May 18, GOLDEN DAWN voted for the conduct in Justice of specific members of N.D. and PASOK, who are accused of Novartis scandal. Same, GOLDEN DAWN also voted for the conduct in Justice of certain members of SYRIZA, Xanthos, Polakis and Kouroumplis. 

Of course, the corrupted media forget this, so they have the audacity to talk about a collaboration between SYRIZA and GOLDEN DAWN! And it really takes a lot of audacity to claim such thing, since for about six years N.D. and SYRIZA vote for the persecutions against the MPs of GOLDEN DAWN! Their audacity is beyond limits, especially when it is obvious that N.D. and specifically the former prime minister and accused of Novartis scandal Antonis Samaras is the main creator of the conspiracy against us. 

I shall present from my speech in the Parliament three excerpts, where I denounce the dirty political game of the offset, the hypocrisy of SYRIZA, where they are presented as the…angel of purification, and in the end the guilty past of those who today present themselves as the defenders of democracy: 


“In a weird coincidence, every time there are developments on the issue of Macedonia, there is the same time the issue of Novartis.At February 4, took place the grant rally in Athens, with more than one million of people, which according to the police were hundred and twenty people. Next day came the scandal of Novartis. Same goes now. Yesterday the prime minister met with the prime minister of Skopje, Zaev, kai today takes place the plenary session regarding the Novartis issue.

From a point of view, as if you do what you in the issue of Macedonia, while New Democracy does what she does regarding the medicine. An offset we could say…”

“Previously, Mr. Theodorakis said that we must not give immunity for colleague solidarity reasons. In Golden Dawn we have no complaints regarding you colleague solidarity. None is ever punished since 1974 in this Parliament, except for the deputies of Golden Dawn. And we consider that a badge of Honor.

Regarding the article 86 I have spoken repeatedly in the Parliament. There are the records. More precisely, at February 1st of 2017, I said is permitted the standstill of some articles of the Constitution, when the country is under siege.As a matter of fact, our country is under moral siege. In the political inquiries, 95% of people disdain the parliamentarianism and the political parties, in the coffee shops people say that the politicians are liars. This is a moral siege. We should have altogether, the 300 MPs vote for the standstill of the article 86…”


“…However, the important question is the following: SYRIZA really wants purification or it is a political game? Because is paradox for us the fact that after three whole years and while SYRIZA is only few steps before the destruction, to act for transparency and purification. And at last, SYRIZA should have also included for conduct to Justice Mr. Kouroumplis. I do not claim he is guilty, but according to the document of Justice he should have been brought to Justice.

At March 8 of 2018 took place another procedure, in which New Democracy requested Mr. Kouroumplis, Xanthos and Polakis to be brought to Justice. In that committee we also voted “yes”. So, nobody can say that we defend a specific political party. We defend transparency and justice. 

However, the leftists say that they never governed. They lie. They governed and in a fact during a critical period, in the era of the all-party government, when the scandalous and monstrous contracts with Siemens were signed. Right there lies you signature gentlemen of the left side. 

Also, we may not forget the public investigators, that have examined the corruption in the public sector and the champion in corruption are the local authority units, where the left side prevails for forty years. So, you are not innocent. And you were always appointed, by selling votes whether in PASOK whether in New Democracy and you were always in the business, in the corruption of channels and business men.”


“Well, every once in a while, you accuse us of antidemocratic behavior. However, we should also examine the relation of you, SYRIZA, with the democracy. The last Saturday at May 12th the newspaper “NEA” launched with a special issue entitled as: “Fifty years since the division of KKE (the communist party)”. I remind you that KKE internal turned to the political party “Synaspismos”, which is the origin of the political party of SYRIZA.

So, we may see the interviews of two persons of the KKE internal regarding the relations between your party and the regime of Ceausescu, where many members of SYRIZA studied there and in North Korea as well. These are your relations with these “democratic” regimes. So, according to Petros Kounalakis: “When the political party was divided the funding from Soviet Union stopped. We left with only our budget. The worst of all, only one helped us. Ceausescu at Bucharest. We were closing our eyes. We denied the monstrous Soviets, but our choice was no better. We were going at Bucharest pretty often. Personally I have benn travelling every three months.”

In the same special issue, Titos Patrikios, the famous leftist poet answered regarding the regime of Ceausescu: “When my wife found out that “Avgi” (the left newspaper of SYRIZA) was financed by Ceausescu she became furious. “This has to stop.” She said. “Then Avgi will close.” They told her. She said “So it be then. We cannot be financed by Ceausescu”. During the division Romania as well as North Korea were friendly towards the KKE internal.

This is the democracy you believe in. In the democracy of Ceausescu and North Korea, so please stop pretending the democrats!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn