N.G. Michaloliakos: Attila 1974-Never forget! NO to the submission of SYRIZA and ND to USA

Friday, 20 July 2018 - 16:41

Message of the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michalolaiakos for the dreary anniversary of the barbarian turkish invasion in Cyprus.

“Greek People, dear Comrades, proud members of Golden Dawn, all of you who fight in every corner of Greece for a new Homeland, for the Golden Dawn of Hellenism. Through this simple position I dare to speak today for a great day, the 20th of July of 1974, when “Attila” with this barbarian invasion slaughtered the Greek Island of Cyprus. 

The Greek Nationalists NEVER forget “Attila”, we will never forget our Cyprus, until the raise of the Greek Flag at Keryneia, Ammochostos, at every enslaved Greek territory.

Greek men and women, “Attila” of 1974 left a deep wound in the mental existence of Hellenism. He left behind a severe treason. The Comrades of Golden Dawn never forget the fact that the Greek submarines that were heading to Keryneia in order to assault the turkish fleet, were ordered by some traitors to return back to Greece.

We will never forget that the Phantom never arrived at Cyprus to defend this Greek island. However, 44 years later, some people forget about “Attila” and celebrate, since through this national tragedy came the notorious political changeover. 

44 years after this political changeover and today Greece has suffered the Memoranda and the loss of the national sovereignty. All the political parties of the political establishment, along with SYRIZA, are responsible for this hideous situation.

The last “accomplishment” of SYRIZA is treason to our Macedonia. The offer of the name of Macedonia to the state of Skopje is an incident that enraged Greek People, who now protests throughout Greece. Well, all these unsuccessful bolshevists had the audacity to claim that those people who protested against this treason were all agents (!) of Russia.

They lead our Homeland in dreary situations, since they bring our country against another big power, Russia that has never harmed our Homeland. However, this self-acclaimed leftist government is completely submissive to the interests of USA.

Golden Dawn denounces the stance of the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL, denounces New Democracy that agrees with the deportation of the Russian diplomats, and defends a Nationally Sovereign Greece, vowing “No USA, no Russia, national sovereignty”! 

All the people of Golden Dawn in Greece may stay in alert. The time of the Nationalists arrives!”