N.G. Michaloliakos at “Parapolitika”: Tsipras cannot control the impunity and the lawlessness

Wednesday, 15 November2017 - 01:06

N.G. Michaloliakos at “Parapolitika”: Tsipras cannot control the impunity and the lawlessness

The Secretary General of People’s Association, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos gave an interview at D. Giannakopoulos regarding the current political affairs at “Parapolitika”.

N.G. Michaloliakos estimates that the prime-minister cannot control this situation of lawlessness and impunity of the country, caused by the legislation of Paraskevopoulos.

He mentions that “there are many channels that operate without control”, emphasizing on P. Lambrou: “Did we forget his conversations with the terrorists and his contacts with the prisons? Did we forget his words against the former minister of public order G. Panousis who was replaced by Tsipras?” He noted that the recent arrestment of the 29 years old man at the square of Attica, who is under custody for terrorist organization, bomb attack and murderous assaults, was not the result of the Greek Authorities.

“Nobody wanted to arrest him. The Germans sent his imprints form the parcel he had sent to Schauble”. According to the Secretary General of Golden Dawn: “He was arrested at the past in two years of imprisonment while he has meetings with the members of “Pyrines tis Fotias” in the jail. So, he has been a main suspect for this kind of actions so they should have watching him…But they left him without control.” He continues: “When many years ago they had attacked the former president of GSEE Christos Polyzogoupoulos at Exarcheia, the commander of the local police department had reassured the chairman of PASOK G. Papandreou that if they had the orders, they could extirpate the extremist circuit in 24 hours…This problem can me solved, but they do not want to.”

The Parliament denied to honor the Memory of G. Foudoulis and M. Kapelonis

Mr. Michaloliakos is enraged when he hears in the Parliament members of the Government, like the minister of Justice St. Kontonis to characterize Golden Dawn as a criminal organization and blames it for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. “In this case we are not even accused” and regarding the negligence of SYRIZA for the terrorists and the criminals he reminds that in the attack against the offices of Golden Dawn at Marousi, where they used hammers and Molotov, the son of the minister of internal affairs P. Skourletis was arrested. He also expresses his abhorrence for the stance of the political parties when asked a minute’s silence at the 1st of November in memory of Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Foudoulis, who were coldly executed outside of the offices of Golden Dawn at Neon Iraklion at 2013. “They denied. All of them. They denied to honor two young men who were coldly murdered and this crime remains unsolved until today”. 

SYRIZA is the successor of PASOK

Regarding the possibility of early elections,  this obvious according to Golden Dawn, since the coalition of Tsipras and Kamenos arrives at the 4th year of governance. “I feel need to thank SYRIZA because he humiliated the left wing and proved that it is the successor of PASOK.”. He then states: “Now they have changed their image and they pretend to be patriots. Yet, the people understands that they are political crooks.”