N.G. Michaloliakos at Kontra Channel: Golden Dawn is the upcoming political power and has not changed at all! VIDEO

Wednesday, 4 October2017 - 18:19

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn was invited by the journalist Giannis Papagiannis at the newscast of Kontra Channel, where he commented on the current political developments. 

Firstly, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos expressed his doubts regarding the outcome of the meeting of the president of United States, Trump, with the prime minister Tsipras. He wondered how come these “American communists” meet the “murderers of people”, as they used to call the Americans. 

Regarding the political sphere of the country, he noted the indifference of the citizens, a very worrying fact.

Concerning Fraport, who demands compensations, he stressed that these are the responsibilities of governors, who signed this kind of agreement with these crooks, at the expense of Greek interests!

In reality, SYRIZA and ND follow the same policy, they remain adhered to memoranda and there is no difference between them, since the take ordered from foreign centers of interests. 

He denounced once again the systematic exclusion of Golden dawn from the media, the apathy of ESR and the syndicalists of ERT, who silence the third political power of the Country. Despite the exclusions from the Parliament and the media and the illegal respite of the financing, Golden Dawn is the upcoming political power and continues to fight for the People and the Homeland. 

At last, he answered to the comments regarding the independence of N. Michos, stating that Golden Dawn is present and has not changed at all. People’s Association will not accept the representatives of the old political establishment at his ballot papers. 

As he stated, some persons play a dirty game and they observe the growth of the Greek Nationalists, so they dream about a seat in Golden dawn. They will never find it!