N.G. Michaloliakos: Anarchists and bolsheviks you do not own this land!

Tuesday, 11 July2017 - 20:55

The Leader of Golden Dawn N.G. Michaloliakos commenced his speech by mentioning the great disaster that took place at Mani due to the negligence of the authorities, noting that what Imprahim could not achieve, was achieved by the government adhered to memoranda. Then, he expressed his support to the Greeks. 

Afterwards, he noted the fact that PASOK dares to speak about the economic situation of the country, while Gennimata is photographed with Simitis and Papandreou, who are involved in numerous scandals. Same goes with ND, which supported all the measures that are now implemented by SYRIZA.

The Leader of Golden Dawn referred to the major political issue of the statement of Mitsotakis at the newspaper “Politico”, which was misused by the government. Golden Dawn is opposed to any government promoting the catastrophe of the country, while it supports the national policies wherever they may come from. 

Also, the Leader of Golden Dawn referred extensively to the National Issues, commenting the article of the European Press regarding the islamization of Balkans, while he also mentioned the protests of Macedonian associations concerning the upcoming treachery to the “Macedonian Issue”. N. G. Michaloliakos expressed clearly the stance of the Movement, that any compound name with the use of the term “Macedonia” constitutes a treachery and is no acceptable.

Regarding the conversations of Kammenos with an imprisoned for life, the Leader of Golden Dawn specified that Golden Dawn is the victim of a political conspiracy and thus the only political power that sincerely denounced the interventions in Justice. Ha also mentioned that in the case of the Samaras audio is placed in the drawers of the Parliament and 30 signatures are needed for the formation of a commission inquiry. Yet, no one supplements the 17 signatures of Golden Dawn, so it is obvious that SYRIZA covers New Democracy.

Regarding the issue of economy, he specified that there is no “success in Eurogroup” since the People are in poverty according to ELSTAT data Greece is in the second worse situation in Europe. The memoranda are a firm commitment of the genocide of Greek People! 

The Leader of Golden Dawn noted that Golden Dawn proved to be right about the issue of the debt, by reminding the statement of Schäuble that there was an agreement at the Eurogroup of May, but the announcement of this agreement was delayed by the government. 

Our submission to the memoranda undermines our national sovereignty, with an example the equipment of Turkey on contrary with Greece, where the memoranda demands the reducing of the equipment. The position of Golden Dawn is clear: “More canons, less butter”. 

Also, the Leader of Golden Dawn exposed the politicians regarding the constants attacks of parastatals against Golden Dawn, noting that no one condemned these attacks. He also presented an official document which exposes the authorities, but also pictures of the beaten Comrades in the attack at Aspropyrgos. N.G. Michaloliakos stressed that color of the political violence is the red: “you condemn or you agree with the attacks? If you agree, do you have the political courage to confess it?” 

Whether they condemn these attacks or not, Golden Dawn is fighting to materialize the slogan: “ANARCHISTS AND BOLSHEVIKS YOU DO NOT OWN THIS LAND”.