N. G. Michaloliakos: We pave the way to the Fight for a new Greece without memoranda and foreign occupation! VIDEO

Friday, 8 September2017 - 20:42

The Secretary General of People’s Association expressed his view during the Plenary Session on the memoranda legislation of the ministry of Education, to which Golden Dawn is strongly opposed. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos firstly answered to the claims of the minister of Economics, Tsakalotos regarding the “Capital” of Marx, noting that while in SYRIZA they claim to be communists, in reality they imply a harsh capitalistic policy. The government wastes profusely the public money to the contractors and the illegal immigrants. 

Concerning the denial of the government to acknowledge the crimes of communism, he denounced the hypocrisy of New Democracy which remain silent, referring only to the crimes of Stalinism. 

He stressed that no political party convicted the recent assault of the parastatals against the Peripheral Consultant, Pericles Moulianakis, a fact that proves that they are not that democrats. In fact he stated that: All of you are the system, while Golden Dawn is the resisting power of Greek People.

He noted the “business” with the illegal immigrants and the NGOs and the existing danger of new islamic terror attacks from the thousands of jihadists that have invaded through the unguarded Greek borders. 

About the current draft law, he stated that Golden Dawn shall vote against it, since this law provides the national pension at 345 euros! 

He stressed the recent statement of the German minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabriel, who confirmed the stance of Golden Dawn, that the exit of Greece from euro would devastate the Eurozone!

Commenting on the recent article of the prime minister for Andreas Papandreou, he stated that SYRIZA is the new PASOK and that Alexis Tsipras should have also been a candidate for the leadership of the new political party of the center-left wing. 

Finally, he noted that towards all those who have accepted this antinational and anti-grassroots policy, Golden Dawn paves the path to the Fight and calls the Greek People to resist, aiming for a new Greece, without memoranda and foreign occupation!