N. G. Michaloliakos: We are the future of Greece and the true hope for our People

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 - 00:20

N. G. Michaloliakos: We are the future of Greece and the true hope for our People

14.11.2018-From my speech in the Parliament regarding the Revision of the Constitution 

…the prime minister of Greece claimed previously that the people is the owner of Greek Parliament and the political sphere and the people chose him to govern this country. However, he should have known that Golden Dawn did not entered this Parliament by itself, the people sent her in the Parliament! So he should respect Greek People! These words have a meaning behind them, since Tsipras sent letters to the chairmen of all the political parties, even at Georgios Papandreou, regarding the revision of the Constitution, but he sent no letter to Golden Dawn. Another proof for the character of the so called “constitutional platform”. Well, is this platform really constitutional?

According to the 5th article of the Constitution “All persons living within the Greek territory shall enjoy full protection of their life, honor and liberty, irrespective of nationality, race or language and of religious or political beliefs. Does the prime minister respect the Constitution? No! A political party elected by the votes of thousands of Greeks faces discrimination! Not only the prime minister, all the political parties discriminate Golden Dawn! Their absence in this hall proves it. There is the party of all the political parties and there is Golden Dawn, the only National Opposition! We are the future of Greece!”

Why are you afraid of History? 

“…we should mention few things about our Constitution. The Constitution was controversial even during 1821. Really, how many people know that Theodoros Kolokotronis, the Liberator of our Nation, was opposed to the Constitution? “Constitution is catastrophe!” No one talks about these. And then, at the 3rd of September 1843, a part of Greek People was assembled in the square of the Greek Parliament (now named “Syntagma Square”) in front of the former Palace of King Otto, to force the King to establish the Constitution. 

The great historian Paparregopoulos, in his work “The History of Greek Nation” notes that this pressure was derived from the English ambassador Lions. It is worth noting, though, that Lions also pressured King Otto and the Greek government of that time for the repay of the Greek debts towards England. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe it resembles to current memoranda? Last but not least, the son of Theodoros Kolokotronis, Gennaios Kolokotronis, had revealed the truth about this assemblage, consisted of criminals, who thought that “Constitution” was a man. These things had to be revealed for the shake of History. 

However the SYRIZA government is extremely scared of History! You are scared of the legacy of Pavlos Melas! So you erase this hero from the school books! Your plans shall not pass! However, speaking of this Hero, I have to say that you attempt once again to cover the major national issues, the “Prespa Agreement” or the situation in Northern Epirus (and not Southern Albania), by presenting in the parliament an irrelevant legislation regarding the revision of the Constitution. Indeed this issue has mere importance, since you will never get 180 votes of MPs. Besides, the provisions you include in this revision –and I will mention theme later- prevent the affirmation of this revision…”

Our views regarding the revision of the Constitution

“…Now we shall pass to our opinions regarding the Constitution. In simple words, I will present the “Proposal for the revision of the Constitution” of Golden Dawn! Specifically, in our Constitution at article 4: paragraph 1:All Greeks are equal before the law  and in paragraph 6: Every Greek capable of bearing arms is obliged to contribute to the defense of the Fatherland, as provided by law. Well, the previous governments made a revision, according to which some citizens with proved conscientious objection, instead of defending the Fatherland may offer other services, in or out of the context of the Armed Forces. How can you prove the existence of conscientious objections? Are you some kind of mentalists? Well, this alternative service is clearly opposed to our Constitution. So, if there will ever be a National State, and Greece will become a National State, this alternative service will be annulled and every Greek citizen will bear the arms and wear the uniform of the proud Greek Soldier!

Now, next is article 5, regarding discriminations. You constantly proceed to discriminations against Golden Dawn! Next is article 27, invisible from everyone in here, since it refers to the national sovereignty, which states: No change in the boundaries of the Country can be made without a statute passed by an absolute majority of the total number of Members of Parliament. Reversely, the absolute majority of the total Members of Parliament can change the boundaries of the Country. Well, members of the Parliament, no one in whichever circumstances has the right to offer a part of Greek territory, however there is this possibility in our Constitution. Is this the Constitution of a free state? No! So, in a Nationalistic Greece, in a Free Greece, this article will be vanished from the Constitution!”

Regarding the scandalous legislation for the “ministerial responsibility”

“…And now, I proceed to article 86. You claim that with your revision you abolish the article 86. Well, you don’t. You only abolish the time period of the lapse. Despite that, article 86 remains the same. Last but not least, I would like to state in simple words that the proposal of SYRIZA will not be voted by New Democracy and will not take the necessary 180 votes. Same goes for the proposal of New Democracy. Dare to abolish the article 86! It is a stigma. People in villages and towns claim that the politicians are liars and they refer to this article!

Of course, everyone can say everything, like Mrs Gennimata, the chairman of PASOK, who talks about the economical control of the political parties, while PASOK has a debt of 2 million Euros!  Well, Souris, the famous satirical poet was right: “In Greece everyone has the right to urinate or congress everywhere”… 

And even though you attempt to exorcise the upcoming domination of Nationalism in Greece and in Europe, we do hope for the growth of Nationalism, for a future where Europe will be the Europe of Nations and Peoples! Already far-rightist Salvini in Italy answered properly to the European Union and the Brussels, contrary to you, the leftists, since you were fully submitted to them! As for the national affairs, and I want to close with this, there is no Southern Albania. There is only Northern Epirus, and Macedonia is one and unique and is Greek!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn