N. G. Michaloliakos: The Heroes of our Nation

Monday, 12 February 2018 - 18:38

N. G. Michaloliakos: The Heroes of our Nation

Imia 2018: From the speech of the Leader of Golden Dawn, N.G. Michaloliakos at Mesogeion Avenue

“Dear Comrades, proud members of Golden Dawn, you literally ridiculed the system. They propagandized through television and radio that this day Athens will be on fire. They proposed the prohibition of the event of Golden Dawn. Yet, here you are today, Greek men and women, telling them “we are not afraid of you! We are not afraid of your obstacles, of your parastatals, we are not afraid of you!”

Some people wished for our extinction and they did everything, they planned a political scheme, they handcuffed us, they murdered our Comrades, they organize counter-protests, persecutions. 

“We will not break from the state and the parastatals of SYRIZA”

“…Yesterday, took place a murderous attack on our offices at Piraeus. Few days ago at Heraklion, in Crete, few weeks before at Aspropyrgos, then at our Headquarters. They cannot understand that we do not break. We will be here till the end of the world…We will not break from the guilty state of SYRIZA that preserves all these parastatals. And a whole day passed since the attack against our offices. Did any political party denounce these attacks? Of course not. They are evenly guilty. In fact, according to reliable information, those parastatals that attacked our Comrades were accompanied by police forces…

This winter night is magical, like the night of January 1996. And we are here in order to honor the Great fallen of our Nation. Let us light the torches!  Their flame may reach heavens, to the souls of our fallen people. Of our Immortals. For 22 whole years we honor the memory of the fallen of 1996. And every year there were reactions, counter-protests, terrorism. Like today, they said that this assemblage will not happen. That they will prevent it. They had barracks, but these barracks broke from all of you, who are here today in this assemblage!”

“31.1.1996-Outside of the Greek parliament”

“1996, 31 January, Outside of the Greek Parliament took place the first assemblage of Golden Dawn, where we vowed the words “Greece they sell you, they kneel on Turkish”. These words denounced a rotten state, where the minister of National Defense said that the flag in Imia was removed by the wind. However, this flag came to us, so, Comrades, raise the flag of Imia!

Well, in these 22 years there were some special years, like the year of 2004, when under the rain in Kolokotronis Square we reached the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. And in the sidewalks there were heavy police forces to keep us away from the Monument. However, these are the same forces that allow to parastatals to burn the Evzona place, to burn whole Athens, to destroy Greece!

Yet, who are these people that have come here today, who are you? Well here, are all those who have a beating Greek heart, who do not kneel. The rest, the “ordinary people”, are not here. Well, we do not want them! Corrupted politicians neglect all the national affairs, and here the chairman of ELAM, Christos Christou, declared there is still National Fight in the land of Evagoras. Also, among us are many lads from Northern Epirus, whom we never forget. 

In the center of the political developments, lies the issue of the name of Skopje, where Nimitz said that from the Greek side no one presented an issue about the national identity of Skopje. Nimitz made a small mistake. He did not met Greece, since all of you constitute Greece! Greece is all Greek People who do not compromise about the name of Macedonia! Golden Dawn clearly vows: “No compromises for our Macedonia!”

“We may keep the Flame alight”

“This is not a political assemblage, is mystagogy. Today, all of us, holding the torches and raising the Flags, we reflect our Homeland, the Sacred Values of our Nation! For 22 years we stay in the front line of our battle, honoring the Great Fallen Men at Imia. In need, we may do these for 122 years more, with our children and our grandchildren, we shall keep the flame alight. The fallen of the national battels are the Sacred Heroes of our Nation. And I remember the that year of 1996 in the cemetery at Papagou street and in Petropolis and Piraeus, where the Comrades of Golden Dawn honored the Memory of the three heroes, while the deputies of PASOK fled from the angry citizens. 

We were there and we remember that black August of 1996. That was the day that the beasts killed Tasos Issak and the other lad from Cyprus, Solomos Solomou! And of course, we remember our two Comrades, there, in Thermopylae at Heraklion Avenue, at that dreary November 1st. 

All of them are here, among us…They fight for a new Greece from their lands, the lands of Heaven, at the Pantheon of Heroes. At 1996 we were outside of the Greek Parliament, than in Kolokotronis Square, until 2008. And then at the Monument of Imia at Rigillis Square and at Mesogeion Avenue. And if needed, we will show our presence everywhere, in order to honor our Fallen Men, raising our flags, lighting our torches for the souls of the brave men, who fell for the Glory of our eternal Nation. We will stay here till the end of the world…”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn