N. G. Michaloliakos: The Fight for a Great Greece in a Free Europe Continues!

Monday, 8 April 2019 - 18:14

N. G. Michaloliakos: The Fight for a Great Greece in a Free Europe Continues!

From the speech delivered at the presentation of the candidates for the Golden Dawn MEPs

“All the glory, all the grace, a holy day is dawning, and its memory the nation greets on its knees”.

This was the marching song for March 25, which you did not hear today in the land of the traitors. March 25th  2019. Some have supposedly honored those brave men, who raised their arms against a whole empire in order to gain the freedom of the Greeks. Who are these people who have the audacity to honor Heroes? They are the subservient of the Memoranda that have yielded our National Sovereignty.

If the captains of 1821 were like them, we would not be free today. We would be a province of Turkey. Even today, they talk about a “Greko-Turkish friendship” and they plan to put Turkey in the “cooperation” of the natural gas management. Have they ever read history? Have they heard anything about the massacre of Chios that shook the whole of Europe, and about which Delacroix made the famous painting and Hugo wrote the poem “L’ Enfant”? We should also remember the hanging of our Patriarch, Gregory V, for whom Aristotle Valaoritis wrote the poem: “How can you watch us motionless, what could you be thinking...”, which ended with the verses “War bursts throughout the land, warlords  hit everywhere ! Oh children  don’ t  forget the rope of the Patriarch”.

So today, in the years of the ”Greko-Turkish friendship”, we declare that we do not forget neither the Patriarch's rope nor the uprooting of Hellenism from Asia Minor, Pontus, Constantinople, Imbros, Tenedos.

In a city of almost four million, there is not even one hotel room to hold the third country's political party. Is this democracy? Of course not! With direct political intervention they banned our event at Aegli Zappeiou and this comes as a response to the New Democracy henchmen, who claim that we are cooperating with SYRIZA.

And who dare to claim such a thing? New Democracy, which co-operated with SYRIZA to sign the Memorandum and to build the mosque. The New Democracy party, which declared for the Prespa Agreement, not in Parliament, but through its representative, that it will respect and implement it. Well, we will not! We will never respect it and we will fight against it till the end! They believed that the issue of Macedonia was forgotten. And then, the parades came and they realized that the people had not forgotten. In Serres, in Katerini, in Kozani, in Grevena, in Heraklion, in the distant Melbourne, wherever there are Greeks, Greece does not forget Macedonia! It does not forget the betrayal!

And all this happens while the police state of the riot police teams, which SYRIZA was supposed to ban, proceeded to preventive arrests and other such measures. However, the banners of the Nationalists will rise throughout Europe in the 2019 European elections, along with the motto of our campaign “For a Great Greece in a Free Europe”. Indeed, in our hearts there is the Greece of our dreams, which does not stop at today's borders, but it goes where it flourished, where Hellenism reaffirmed its value and greatness. In Asia Minor, in Pontos, in Eastern Thrace, in Eastern Romelia, in Northern Epirus, in the Great Greece of our dreams.

For a Europe where the nationalist banners will rise in Madrid, in Paris, in Moscow, in Berlin, in Prague, and, of course, in the Athens of the Nationalists.

Tonight, we presented the first six candidates of Golden Dawn for the forthcoming European elections. I sat down and I counted how many years of presence all six of them have. The answer is 140 years! This comes in response to those that see Golden Dawn as a flag of opportunity. All Greeks have a place in Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is a huge hug for all the Greeks, but not for the opportunists. The revolution of March 25, 1821, was betrayed by those who followed and governed our Fatherland for nearly 200 years, during which, with only a few exceptions, the foreign powers dominated.

Golden Dawn is a Nationalist movement that wants to continue the work of the revolution of 1821 for a Free Greece. Slavery continues and the demand for freedom remains alive. Let us remember the words of the poet: “Do not be afraid of the dark, the sparkling star of freedom will bring the light of the dawn”. This dawn will be the Golden Dawn of Hellenism; the Golden Dawn of the Nationalists. The dawn of a strong Greece in a free Europe, where the nationalist banners will fly high”. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary-General of People’s League – Golden Dawn