N. G. Michaloliakos: SYRIZA and ND sell off the greatest port of this country for 311 million euros!

Saturday, 2 July 2016 - 10:31

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos condemned in his speech at the Plenary Session the selling-out of PPA (Piraeus Port Authority), which constitutes the grandest port of the country, for the humiliating price of 311 million euros!

It’s about a selling-out strongly favored by New Democracy. It’s is indeed bizarre the fact that the Greek Parliament interrupted the relevant procedures, so that the government could negotiate with a private company.

Yet, even more absurd is the contract between a supposedly left government and a private company of a communist state, a contract which does injustice to the employees. Solely Golden Dawn defended the employees of PPA with the submission of the relevant amendment.    

Regarding the rumors about the electoral code, according to which the “party” of the political parties rules out Golden Dawn, he stated that Greek Nationalists entered the Greek Parliament with the order of the Greek People and known is able to exclude them.

Golden Dawn will defend the interest of the Greek People and in fact will become the regulator of the vote concerning the electoral code. Regarding the stable and stand-alone governments he noted that the worst crimes at the expense of Greek People were committed by stand-alone governments!

Regarding the discussion about the constitutional revision, he stated that is about the promotion of the separation of Church and state, while the respective governments legislate unconstitutionally, like the recent civil-partnership for the recognition of same-sex couples. 

He also stressed the necessity for the withdrawal of the inacceptable articles 27 and 28, which constitute a humiliation and a national treachery, considering the fact that they provide for the change of the boundaries of the national territory and the cession of the national sovereignty. When Golden Down will rise to power, our Homeland will get back the national sovereignty. 

Finally, the Secretary General stated that the selling-out of PPS began while Simitis was prime-minister and ended with the actions of ND and SYRIZA.

Golden Dawn will vote against the selling-out of the national public property. ND will vote in favor of this degrading draft law, confirming the fact that Golden Dawn is the only national opposition.