N. G. Michaloliakos: Our exclusion is illegal! A memorandum alliance of SYRIZA and ND against Golden Dawn! VIDEO

Wednesday, 17 May2017 - 23:14

The Secretary General of People’s Association – Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos stated from the peristyle of the parliament regarding the illegal exclusion of the parliamentary group of the political party from the procedures of the parliament, concerning the 4th memorandum of SYRIZA:

“Golden Dawn denounces the illegal, against the regulation of the parliament, exclusion of the entire parliamentary group from the procedure regarding the fourth memorandum of the left side.

Golden dawn denounces the collusion and the complete engagement of SYRIZA and New Democracy for the exclusion of Golden Dawn. An exclusion due to an incident.

And at this point I want to address a rhetoric question to the Greek People. In the hall of the parliament there was a small group of MPs of Golden Dawn, the minority of the MPs of Golden Dawn. According to which logic all the MPs of Golden Dawn are excluded from the procedure?

This logic is the stalinist logic of Mr. Voutsis who remained a communist and of the neoliberals of New Democracy, who proceed along with SYRIZA towards the selling out of our Homeland, which take place at this moment in that hall, where the Greek People is not represented. Only the oligarchy and the interests of the European nomenclature of Merkel and the international usurers are represented. 

Golden Dawn will continue to fight whether they like it or not, against the memorandum, which impoverishes Greek People and cedes the national sovereignty.
If they think they are done with us with these stalinist decisions of exclusion they are wrong! Golden Dawn is here and shall continue to be here!”

Afterwards, the Leader of Golden Dawn answered to the questions of the journalists.