N. G. Michaloliakos: Keep your hands away from Greece and Orthodoxy! VIDEO

Thursday, 22 November 2018 - 11:30

The Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn attacked the government during the debate for the revision of the Constitution in the Plenary Session.

At first, he responded to the words of prime-minister that “People is the governor”, noting that Alexis Tsipras is a hypocrite, since he sent letters to all the chairmen of the political parties, even the minor ones, except for Golden Dawn, the third political power of the Country, according to the votes of hundred thousands of Greeks.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos referred to the historical context of the 3rd of September of 1843, when the English ambassador Lions urged for the establishment of “Constitution” in Greece.

The intentions of government SYRIZA regarding the revision of the Constitution are clearly vote-catching, in order to cover all the major national issues, the treacherous Prespa agreement and the incidents at Northern Epirus.

Afterwards, the Leader of Golden Dawn analyzed the views of the Movement regarding the revision of specific articles of the Constitution. Firstly, the article regarding the alternative public service, since all Greeks must and are honored to wear the suit of the Greek Soldier. Secondly, the article 27 regarding the limitation of the national sovereignty, since no one –not even the Parliament- has the right to limit the national sovereignty. 

Concerning the major aspect of this revision, he stressed that Tsipras is no Robespierre and he will never be able to turn Greece into a “religiously neutral” state. He made it clear that Golden Dawn is strongly opposed to the separation of the State and the Church. In fact, he noted the research of “Pew Research Center”, according to which 92% of citizens believe in God and 76% of Greeks believe that only Christian Greeks are true Greeks. 

He also noted the words of General Makrygiannis, in response to intention of SYRIZA to abolish the religious vow, against to the will of the People: “Now, there are few new Greeks, offspring of the Judaism, who want to erase our Faith, our Orthodox Faith, because Orthodoxy is incompatible with the West. And I cried for these new hardships and I refuged to the Saints of our Faith and I asked them if they watch this situation and I begged them to protect the Greeks from these atheist tyrants”.

Once again, he called all the political parties to vote for the abolishment of the article 86 regarding the “ministerial responsibility”, an article that still protects corrupted politicians. 

Finally, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos noted that in Europe and Greece the Nationalistic Movement grows stronger. He also made it clear that there is no Southern Albania and that Macedonia is only one and is Greek.