We want Justice and the Truth to shine – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 2 May 2015 - 15:35

We want Justice and the Truth to shine – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

This text is written on Sunday, April 19, 2015, one day before the start of a trial of which I am also a defendant. I have been out of prison for nearly a month, but I am not free. Except for the MPs of Golden Dawn on remand, past and present, another 4 MPs of Golden Dawn are in the same situation as me, under house arrest. It is forbidden to get out of our houses, we are only permitted to go to the Parliament. 

This happens at the same time that thousands of indictees, who are charged with the most serious offenses, are out subjected to certain restrictions such as financial guarantees or obliged to report to the police station of their area.

Among them also the defendants for the kickbacks from the armaments, who plundered the Greek People. 

It all started on September 28, 2013 when armored policemen, wearing black hoods, surrounded the area of my house and arrested me. Thereafter, without lifting my immunity, despite the fact that I was a deputy, I was remanded in custody! The accusation was “criminal organization”… The reason, but not the cause, for the arrest not only myself personally, but for an entire political prosecution of a political party, an assassination, which we immediately condemned and which took place in a neighborhood of Piraeus on September 18, 2013. 

The reasonable question is why, if I had connection with this murder, as they accuse me, including it in the action of the famous “criminal organization”, why did they arrest me on September 28, namely 10 whole days after the crime and not promptly after that? 

The “cooking” for this unprecedented prosecution is pretty well known, and has even been revealed in audiovisual material on how this political conspiracy has been set up. 

With manipulations, dirty and illegal tactics which are clearly unconstitutional, an entire party, a whole political Movement, was under accusation, but still the way it was done was completely paradoxical. 

The party leadership, as provided by the Statute, i.e. the political council and the Central Committee, was not accused, but the entire parliamentary group was! As if I knew on June 18, 2012 when were elected MPs who were elected with the Golden Dawn with preference cross that these will be the “directors” in accordance with the political conspiracy of the “criminal organization”! in the same sense, all the voters who chosen these particular MPs should be aware of the alleged criminal nature of the GOLDEN DAWN! 

But the absurd does not end here… in a case file of nearly 40,000 pages there is no mention on the time of the establishment of this “criminal organization”, which is none other than GOLDEN DAWN according to them, the GOLDEN DAWN that had names, office locations, had issued declaration to the Supreme Court and participated in elections since 1994. 

If it had criminal purpose, as they blame us, would it open offices, issue a newspaper, participate in elections or would keep in the darkness its actions as the real criminal organizations do? 

In an initial stage is mentioned that the “criminal organization” was established without mentioning names, location and time in 1987! And after in the indictment the chronology 2008 was referred again completely arbitrary! And to be precise is used the expression “at least since 2008”!… 

To realize the “validity”, the perforated, of this case file, of this indictment, which is reminiscent of Stalinist prosecutions, among those who are referred to trial as members of the “criminal Nazi organization”, is a Greek citizen, who in his defense to the investigating authorities said that he is a Jew in origin and submitted the relevant certificate from the Central Jewish Council. 

The evidence with which they are trying to make us guilty, for an accusation with which we have no relation, are completely non-existent and for this reason they are trying in every way to create a climate of terrorism, so as to condemn us even if we are innocent. 

Typical is the phrase that is used in the notices by all those who seek our condemnation even before the trial: “We should not let the trial of Golden Dawn fall in the hands of judges”… 

At the same time they organize marches and rallies outside the court, they threaten players of the trial and try in every way to blackmail our condemnation. Why? They confess it so cynically: 

Because, as they say and write, if we are not condemned the GOLDEN DAWN will be strengthened.
All mud and bile of the paid draftsmen of the regime of kickback and corruption has been unleashed against us. They write thousands of lies and this is not something new. They have been doing so since September 2013. The people responded and in two electoral contests Golden Dawn emerged as the third political force of the country. 

The only thing we want from this trial is to operate the State of Law and to allow us to defend ourselves, as provided by law, we more than anyone else want the Truth to shine because we know very well that we are innocent. This is something that the people of the dark parastate, who set up the political conspiracy, know very well, because they were tailing after our phones and our offices. And if they want to condemn us, let’s say it directly that they condemn us for our Ideas, because for these we are actually prosecuted. 

It seems that they have learned nothing from the History! They have not realized that the Ideas are not prosecuted, nor fade with unjust imprisonments and convictions. A small sample was shown in the European elections and in the national elections and is to be continued… it is expected to be continued, because the voice of GOLDEN DAWN on the big problems of the country, that become bigger through as time goes by, whether they want it or not will resonate. 

Every day that passes GOLDEN DAWN will become even stronger no matter what they do!