N. G. Michaloliakos in the newspaper “Akropolis”: If they dare to abolish the Constitution I will provoke elections!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 - 01:42

N. G. Michaloliakos in the newspaper “Akropolis”: If they dare to abolish the Constitution I will provoke elections!

With new exclusive torrential interview, the General Secretary of the Popular Association- Golden Dawn- who is detained in Korydallos prison- sets fire to the plans of the “orchestra” that orchestrated the political persecution against his party, in case the duet memorandum of Samaras- Venizelos dares to prohibit, unconstitutionally and undemocratically to the imprisoned MPs to vote on crucial votes for the election of the President of the Greek Republic. He talks about the traitorous behavior of the government towards the new Turkish challenges in Cyprus. He refers to a telephone conversation he had with someone from Maximou, after Fyssas’s assassination, before his trial detention, who informed him about “what is coming” but also about what they intended to do to SYRIZA!

“A”: Mr. Michaloliakos all show that we are in the final stretch ahead for your trial. The prosecutor’s proposal was submitted to the competent judicial council and is now expected to determine the initiation of this trial. Feeling some anxiety?

“N.M.”: Mr. Spinos first of all, this is not a prosecution proposal but a novel written by Ntogiakos. There are honorable prosecutors who have offered a lot in our homeland and I think that it is offensive to equate them with this man. In this sense, honoring the intact judges, I do not accept the term “prosecution proposal”. It is just “Ntogiakos’s proposal”.

“A”: Why are you so strict with the prosecutor Ntogiakos?

“N.M.”: Whoever Greek you ask, in whichever party he belongs, if he has no hate towards us, will tell you that the whole procedure followed by the investigating judge Klappa and the prosecutor Ntogiakos was a theatrical performance with predetermined and unlawful acts. If a defendant was not conformed to their desire, to lie against the other co-defendants, they did not ask him any other question and imprisoned him. All these will be proved at the trial that I wish it had already started.

“A”: There are rumors saying that in the trial audience will not be allowed, and that the protected witnesses- the entire indictment is based on them- will not attend the court, but their testimonies will be considered a priori true. Do you know that?

“N.M.”: Mr. Spinos we expect much worse to happen. They violated every sense of democracy and constitutional rights against us, from the first moment of my illegal arrest and the arrest of all MPs of our party. You should know, however, that the courtroom is not the “room of shame” of Klappas’s and Ntogiakos’s “to be decided and arranged”. There will attend more than 200 defense attorneys. At least 15 MEPs will attend. And something even more important, the judges who will judge us will not be appointed by the Athanasiou’s “camarilla”. They will be drawn among the majority of the honorable judges and I’m sure they would not want to discredit their name in any way. I believe in the independent judiciary and I am fighting for it.

“A”: Eventually if the protected witnesses do not attend what will you do?

“N.M.”: You can realize that this will be unprecedented. This has never happened again. I am sure that the bystanders advocates will impose the constitutional legitimacy and will not allow the Greek justice to be severely wounded.

“A”: Mr. President, I want to stay a little at what is intensely heard in the last few days and our newspaper has highlighted with 3 headlines, referring to the fact of the intense background discussion that you and the rest imprisoned MPs will not be allowed to vote for the President of the Greek Republic, so as to reduce the necessary number needed for the election.

“N.M.”: I’ve read these scenarios of democratic deflection in your newspaper. These whispers are reaching my ears even stronger. But they will not dare to do so, because then even the most distrustful Greek citizen will acknowledge the political persecution that they have weaved against us. In any case, as we live in a state of abolishing democracy, if they do so, I reveal for the first time in your newspaper that our entire parliamentary team will resign and we will provoke national elections. I have to do this to protect my homeland even from the prison that I am, so as the “murderers” of the Greek people not to stay anymore in their position. I am convinced that they do not have even 170 MPs to do so. I challenge them. If they want to try us let remove our parliamentary right. I literally challenge them.

“A”: What do you think about the palls showing a short fall of your party?

“N.M.”: They are amateurs who do not know how to set up false polls. Fortunately Greek patriots are now everywhere and in the polling firms. You and all Greek must know  that there is mandate from Megaron Maximou “with the corresponding motives” to decrease our rates 4-8 percentage points depending on the timing and the polling firm. The Golden Dawn however “boils” all over Greece. They can see it and so as not to be completely ridiculed, in no poll our party hasn’t lost the third position. Let them write and say whatever they want.

The elections will take place no later than March, and then they will see which will be the new main opposition party. Since you refer to polls, I would like to remind you the academic research conducted by Panteion University. Apparently the professors are not Golden Dawners! As you know, because I saw that this research was highlighted in your newspaper, the Golden Dawn is greatly supports by young people in ages 18-35. At these ages, the New Democracy does not exist. Instead it is the first party in ages 65-80. This is our main differences. We come and they leave.

“A”: Mr. President, the past few days Cyprus is being threatened overtly by Turkey. Why do you think this happens?

“N.M.”: Do you want an answer to that? Our politicians are traitors and they reveal it at every opportunity. A Greek Navy frigate should have been in the marine waters of Cyprus from the very first moment. The main reason for which we are in prison is that we showed from the first moment we walked in the Greek parliament the government’s traitorous part. New Imia take place in Cyprus and nobody speaks out. They sold out our Macedonia and nobody speaks out. Some day all these will come to an end. We will free ourselves from the shackles of the regime and take the destiny of our Nation in our hands. Then everyone will have to face us. This is not a threat to anyone. It’s a promise that I give to all Greeks who see our homeland being lost and cannot react. A promise to all Greeks who did not withstand and left live- dead families behind.

“A”: I want your opinion on Mr. Theodorakis and “The River”.

“N.M.”: You mean the official to Bobolas and to other similar contractors. They set up a caricature of flesh and bones in order not to reduce the power of SYRIZA but Golden Dawn not to be the third power. They cannot stand the idea that the President of the Republic, whoever he is, will call me in handcuffs to give me the mandate to form a government. This picture is their nightmare. This is the reason for which Samaras and Tsipras have reached the decision to be a coalition. Let the Greek people know that. 

“A”: However, if everything goes according to the dates for national elections and for your trial, these will coincide and you will be released, since in March your 18 months custody ends.

“N.M.”: Your conclusion is correct. For this reason, the system imposed house arrest to me after the illegal detention, which as you said ends in mid-March. So they should prepare themselves for the greater campaign rally they have ever seen. I will deliver speech from the balcony of my house in Pefki. Do you think they will prohibit me to do that? Do you think they will prohibit the thousands of Greeks to attend the rally?

“A”: Mr. Michaloliakos there have been several months since the hideous murder of unfortunate Paul Fyssas. I’m sure there are many nights that you do your self-criticism for the possible responsibilities. Are there any?

“N.M.”: From the first moment I got informed about that, as a man first and then as a political leader, I expressed my sorrow for this admittedly grisly murder and asked the exemplary punishment of the guilty. I will reveal in this conversation Mr. Spinos one more thing. The next day of this murder, a member of Megaron Maximou called me and informed me that they were preparing provocation on the occasion of the murder. The same person said that the same will happen to SYRIZA on the occasion of some cassettes that EYP (National Intelligence Service) has given to Samaras, in which two MPs from SYRIZA discuss with the protagonists from the events in Skouries. Behold the verification! They stepped back for SYRIZA because they were afraid of the “system’s” revolt part of which is SYRIZA, while they proceeded to us because our only ally is the homeland and not the television channels.

“A”: Who was the member that called you?

“N.M.”: I will ask the court to call him testify.

“A”: To conclude this conversation Mr. President I have one more question. It is obvious that there is journalistic interest in an interview with the president of a party being in prison. Why this interest is not expressed by the media?

“N.M.”: Unwittingly you make me laugh. They did not present us when we were in the Parliament and submitted hundreds of questions, for parliamentary control, would they show us now? Government has given the mandate to the TV channels owners and to the newspapers, to behave us like we do not exist. All SMEs’ owners Mr. Spinos owe tens of millions of euro to the Greek State. They have been blackmailed and they are pawns to the dictatorship that governs us.

I condemn all the newspapers and the TV channels and ask our members and voters across Greece to despise them. No yellow press supposedly patriotic is not worth the Greek patriots. I have to exclude the newspaper “Akropolis”, which from the very first day of its publishing stood by our party and objectively present our political positions. Very few journalists did that before our trial detention. And then you belonged to them and as far as I know you lost your job. Today, all these, the few, are hiding as whether they are frightened or have become parts of the system. You are the exception and I am aware of your struggle. Be aware, however, that I have never been ungrateful. Time is changing! Thank you very much for hosting my views once again. You have the appreciation of our party’s members, supporters and MPs.