N. G. Michaloliakos: If you vote for New Democracy, you recognize a state by the name “North Macedonia”! VIDEO

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 - 10:50

The Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn attacked the “party of the political parties” during his speech at the Plenary Session regarding the Review of the Constitution. 

Nikolaos Michaloliakos questioned the respect of the parties of the “democratic platform” regarding the Constitution, since they exclude, they silence and they do not acknowledge the proof of innocence in the case of Golden Dawn. The inclusion of the communist party (KKE) in the “democratic platform”, a party whose stature clearly mentions the “dictatorship of proletariat”, constitutes a political schizophrenia. 

Everyone is entitled to the right of self-determination, except for Golden Dawn. The Leader of Golden Dawn repeated once again that “we are neither nazi, nor fascists, we are Greek Nationalists”. 

Fascists are those who are prone to authoritarian power and in this case this terms applies to the current government of Greece, which proceeds to preventive arrests and repressions against Greek People who dare to protest against the treasonous Prespa agreement. 

Afterwards, the Secretary General of Golden Dawn presented the main propositions of Golden Dawn for the Constitution, meaning the obligatory service of all Greek in the Army and the opposition towards the “religious neutrality”, the succession of national sovereignty and the hideous article about the ministerial responsibility.  

Returning to the Prespa agreement, he noted the role of New Democracy, since this party shall respect this agreement. Only with Golden Dawn, the only resisting political party, the state by the name “North Macedonia” will never be recognized. 

He stressed that New Democracy paved the way for the political and ideological domination of the Left and he recalled the letter of Konstantinos Tsatsos to Karamanlis at the December of 1975 with the following content: “The left professors with their masonic solidarity and their combativeness are able to cover all the empty seats at the universities with people of similar ideology. So, the Philosophy School of Athens which in the past was a tower of conservatism, now has become a school where the leftists dominate. Same goes for the Law and Philosophy School in Thessalonica which are already connected to Lamprakis Foundation. You claim that leftism is just a trend that will eventually vanish, like it did in many other countries. I do not agree.”

Finally, he referred to the main issue of these days, the modification of the Penal Code that allegedly favors Golden Dawn. The Leader of Golden Dawn commented extensively on the upcoming abolishment of the law for misuse of public funds, while Greek People express their rage for the scandals of the corrupted political parties.

The fact that the propositions of the preparatory legislative committee since 2014 for the harmonization with the Palermo convention, following political interventions, will not be integrated to the Penal Code proves that the persecution against Golden Dawn is clearly political. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos ended his speech stating: “No modifications in the punishments concern Golden Dawn and when you will bring the new penal code in the Parliament for validation, Golden Dawn will definitely reject it!”.