N. G. Michaloliakos: Golden Dawn fights against the antinational government of SYRIZA! - VIDEO

Thursday, 10 May 2018 - 16:58

The Secretary General of People’s Association attacked the antinational government regarding the hideous draft law for the adoption of children from homosexual couples. 

N. G. Michaloliakos referred firstly to the attempt to terrorize Golden Dawn with the placement of police officers in the entrance of the Parliament. 
He addressed to the communist government with the following words: “Golden Dawn did not quail when they put us handcuffs and will not stop now the Fight”. 

He noted that SYRIZA legislates piece by piece for the destruction of Greek society. This antinational government battles against the nature and the national identity and now, by violating the fundamental rights of children, destroys the institution of family. 

He stressed that Golden Dawn will definitely vote AGAINST this legislation and called the liberal New Democracy to also vote against it. He also denounced the stance of PASOK and “Potami” and revealed the hypocrisy of ANEL, who do not support the legislation, yet they do not withdraw their trust from the government to overthrow it. 

Afterwards, he referred to the draft legislation of Golden Dawn for the raising of Greek Flag and called all the Greeks to raise the Greek Flag in every corner of our Homeland. 

He stressed that the borders in land and sea are unguarded while the government praises those who retreat in front of the Turks. He called the government to close the borders in order to protect Greece from the illegal immigrants. 

Regarding the government of Tsipras he noted that it is a dreary minority whose members can walk in the streets only surrounded by police forces, as it was proved in Lesvos, where 5000 Greeks protested against Tsipras. 

The Leader of Golden Dawn finished his speech proudly declaring: “Golden Dawn fights against the antinational government of SYRIZA”.