N. G. Michaloliakos at “Parapolitika”: ND is an outright political partner of SYRIZA

Friday, 20 October2017 - 01:33

N. G. Michaloliakos at “Parapolitika”: ND is an outright political partner of SYRIZA

Golden Dawn aspires to fill the gap of the voters of the traditional center and the right wing, after the voting of the legislation regarding the change of gender and the acknowledgment of minorities. The first opinion polls illustrate the aversion of the common view at rates that surpass 70%, towards the “novelties” that hurt the religiousness and offend the principles of family and the traditional values. As a result, the government of SYRIZA-ANEL experiences great losses of voters. 

According to Golden Dawn, the tactic of SYRIZA to discuss these provocative for the society issues, aiming at the disorientation of the society from the major economic and fiscal problems, reinforces the ‘clear voices” and promotes the “Greek nationalistic movement”. The polls indicate the steady rates of the third political party of the country, while more and more voters orientate towards the political party of Mr. Michaloliakos. Well these voters are about to increased, taking into account the upcoming debate for the legalization of cannabis. 


Golden Dawn strongly believes that if the government do not end the consultations for the third evaluation, for the “closure” of the negotiation until the end of the year, then this negotiation “will be never closed”. According to Mr. Michaloliakos, the change of the executives at the German ministry of Economics and Eurogroup, from which Dijsselbloem will leave at January of 2018, will worsen the stance of the lenders towards Greece. In any case, the liberal successor of Mr. Schäuble is opposed to the economic support to Greece. In the meantime the Europeans will probably select a liberal candidate for the post of the social democrat Dijsselbloem. Well, Mr. Tsipras “has strong allies, whom he will meet in the next days”. 


Regarding the amendment for the “Turkish Union of Xanthi” Mr. Michaloliakos notes that with these way the door is opened for other minorities like the Albanians, the Skopians. “These are dangerous paths, the legislation to cancel the decisions of the court”. He expects that in the future there will be de fact recognitions of minorities, which shall bring our cultural alteration. We should note that this amendment of the ministry of Justice was withdrawn at September and resubmitted at Monday with the description “Supplement of the provisions of the Article 758 of the code of civil procedure”. Many judicial stress that the recognition of the “Turkish Union of Xanthi” is opposed to the decision of the jury. Arius Pagus had decided for the devastation of this union, since it constitutes an instrument of the Turkish consulate of Kommotini, regarding the cancellation of the Lausanne Treaty, so that the minority of Greek Muslims will not be recognized as religious, but as “Turkish”. Mr. Michaloliakos states that “In Xanthi the Muslims prepare the inauguration of their offices”. 


Golden Dawn characterizes as abnormity the new context for the change of gender and judges the stance of the opposition. “From one side N.D. votes against the draft law and from the other side agrees with the creation of its own proposal for the change of gender. N.D. cannot be in both sides at the same time. These deeds are against the society and their right voters. They are radically opposed to the Orthodox religion, the Church, the minority of Mount Athos. They will pay the price. At the voting of this legislation an onion poll of MRB was published, where 7 to 10 citizens disagree with the change of identity, in the age of 15 years old”. 

He stresses that government and opposition are outright political partners. “You heard Mr. Tsipras in the Parliament. He stated that SYRUZA along with Kammenos ANEL voted for the partnership pact of the homosexual pairs. Well, the leader of the Opposition corrected him, stating that himself and 17 more MPs voted for this draft law. What else do the citizens need to know to understand what is going on?”