N. G. Michaloliakos at Egnatia TV: The Greek Youth at the Front of the Fight to take our Homeland back! VIDEO

Friday, 15 September2017 - 18:25

The Secretary General of People’s Association was invited by journalist Lazaros Lazarou to the newscast of Egnatia TV. Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos mentioned his visit at and the press conference at Thessalonica International Trade Fair, noting the kindness of the people who welcomes him in the Fair. 

In parallel, he denounced the public television and the syndicalists of ERT who once again illegally did not broadcast the press conference. Last year the press conference of the Leader of Golden Dawn was normally broadcasted, but this year the employees were on strike. As he noted: “It seems that things get worse for them and better for us”. 

He also wondered about the fact that the overwhelming majority of the employees at ERT are communists. 

He referred to the issue of the mines in Chalcis and of the multinational Eldorado, noting that this contract is scandalous, at the expense of the Greek state. He stressed the fact that these gold mines who contain more than 270 tons of gold are given for exploitation and the Greek state receives only 2% of the profits.

The gold of Greece should belong to Greek Nation!

He denounced the client state, being a wound for the Nation and called the young of Greece to remain in the country, to work and fight to take our Homeland back! 

He noted that the economy of Greece has become worse than the economy of Bulgaria and mentioned the retreats in all the national affairs, declaring that only Golden Dawn does not accept any compromise for our Macedonia!