Major admission by SYRIZA: The former illegal immigration was done away with because of Golden Dawn

Monday, 25 May 2015 - 19:31

Major admission by SYRIZA: The former illegal immigration was done away with because of Golden Dawn

A notice has been issued from the so-called "Human Rights Division" of Syriza regarding the new bill on illegal immigration proposed by the coalition Greek government of SYRIZA-ANEL. In a new statement, this division of SYRIZA welcomes the submitting of this bill while it stresses that there should be more changes done to it so as to become even easier for foreigngers to obtain Greek nationality.

However, not that much importance has been given to SYRIZA's obssesive views on this subject as are contained in this particular statement, since they have become graphic and have been rejected by the Greek People at large. Really why don't these mighty "Democrats" do a referendum to ask the Greek people about whether they wants such a bill or not?  However, already public commenting in open, public deliberation on the matter show that it's only the foreigners who are welcoming this bill, while the Greek people, on the other hand, are freaking out over this.

Noteworthy is the ending of this announcement where admiration is expressed for the previous and unconstitutional illegal immgration bill the George Papandreou government had previously proposed. Here there is a direct call to the entire cleptocracy alliance in the Greek parliament to support this outrage of a bill and there's also and admission that the prior Ragousi illegal immmigration was done away with by Golden Dawn. Here it is: "Recall that bill n. 3838/2010 was annulled by the three-party coalition in 2012 after pressure was put on New Democracy by Golden Dawn with a "bridge" being the infamous Mr. Baltako from New Democracy."

The entire Greek community certianly remembers that surreptitious Ragousi bill was not done away with by the then "tripartite" Greek government, but by the Greek Council of State. But the fact remains that the pressure from the outcry of the Greek people, who strengthened Golden Dawn's standing, is what led the politicians to take back that illegal immirgation bill and to think considers it again, until now, now that the country ruled by those chemtrail sniffing liberals from SYRIZA.

Let us have no doubt that the new illegal immigration bill being brought up by this new Greek government will be abolished, too, due to Golden Dawn.

And one other thing on that ending of this same notice. Greece has over time maintained a citizenship code that can not be changed and here we present it to the reader as per Herodutus himself:

"We Greeks have a common Hellenic bloodline, common language, altars to the gods and sacrifices are shared in common, as well as a common way of life."

(«Τὸ Ἑλληνικὸν ἐὸν ὅμαιμόν τε καὶ ὁμόγλωσσον καὶθεῶν ἱδρύματά τε κοινὰ καὶ θυσίαι ἤθεά τε ὁμότροπα»)