Macedonian issue: The last “barrier”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 10 July 2018 - 12:13

Macedonian issue: The last “barrier”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

When at 1897 our Homeland was defeated from Turkey, Greek People reacted vigorously. The sorrow turned into rage and in the Balkan Wars at 1912-13 the Greek Flag landed in Smyrna and even further. The sorrow became, rage, wrath and doubled the territory of Greece! 

In post war Greece, with the fake ideals of consummation, of the “open society”, there is no room for sorrow, for rage, for national consciousness. Everyone gives everything for his own survival, for money and above everything for a good relation with the government. 

Unfortunately, not Attila at 1974, neither the downhaul of the Greek Flag at Imia at 1996 brought the national rage, which nowadays rises more and more, after the hideous agreement for the name of Skopje at Prespa. However, the political system, with propaganda mechanisms attempts to change the reality, to turn black into white. 


Shortly after the agreement at Prespa, in the village “Psarades” where in the past Zachariades and KKE betrayed our Macedonia, an agreement was signed which will completely change the political sphere and will costs greatly at the SYRIZA government. Here os the statement of press office of the office of prime minister: 

THANASIS KARTEROS: “There will be changes in the political changes. We see these changes ourselves.”

In the newspaper “KATHIMERINI” we read the following: 

KATHIMERINI: AGGELOS STAGOS: “ANEL is the first victim of the political changes…PASOK is the second victim…The main goal of Tsipras wat to harm New Democracy, to provoke the creation of a new right wing party or even divide New Democracy. He did not succeed. However no one knows who will be benefited by this agreement. Because, sadly there is Golden Dawn.”

Same goes for the articles of the director of the newspaper “NEA” Karakousis, for an article at the newspaper “PARAPOLITIKA” and for the statement of the minister of foreign affairs Kotzias, for the rise of GOLDEN DAWN in Northern Greece. 

According to these articles and plain logic the rise of GOLDEN DAWN is evident. However the poll analysts watch other things…

In fact they presented political enquiries according to which GOLSDEN DAWN falls and KKE (the communist party) rises, despite the treason of our Macedonia! Their goal is evident; to stop the inevitable. They have tried it before, with no success. 


The reaction of New Democracy to the agreement of Prespa was nothing than a petty political game. The motion of mistrust, supported by GOLDEN DAWN, had two faults. The first one is that this motion referred to the whole policy of SYRIZA, not just regarding the Macedonian issue. That gave the chance to the MPs of ANEL to escape form the critics, claiming that they disagree on the Macedonian issue. The second fault is the fact that New Democracy was not clear about her opposition to the term “Macedonia” in the name of Skopje. Here is the excerpt of the motion of mistrust: 

“This is a harmful agreement for the national interests. The government recognizes a Macedonian ethnicity and language to our Northern neighbors. This is major setback which cannot be accepted.”

No word for the name…

Apart from these mistakes, the main question concerns the actions of ND as a government. But, I have to refer at first to the responsibilities of the liberal party at 1950, which had recognized Yugoslavia, according to the orders of NATO.

So, which will be the action of Mitsotakis if he becomes a prime minister regarding the Macedonian issue? Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in an interview at SKAI answered that if this agreement is validated by the parliament then things will be very difficult. The newspaper “KATHIMERINI” wrote regarding the views of Mitsotakis:

“The legacy of Mitsotakis is evident in his politics: he does not promise that he will vanish the agreement for the Skopje issue in an instant. Also, he does not claim that he will cancel the measures of the government of SYRIZA regarding the reductions in pensions and the augmentation of taxes.”

So, it is evident that if Mitsotakis becomes the prime minister he will not denounce the agreement at Prespa and he will not resist towards the interests of USA and NATO.


Nor Attila at 1974, neither Imia at 1996 were able to rise the patriotism of Greeks, to strengthen the Greek Nation. The Macedonian issue is the last ‘barrier”, the last “barrier” of the National and Patriotic notion. We may not forget that after the Macedonian issue, follows Cyprus, where some traitors dare to talk about an alternate governing along with the Turks, and then follow the Aegean, Thrace, Northern Epirus…

Tragically true remain the words of Ion Dragoumes that “if we run to save Macedonia, Macedonia will save us”. At Saturday, when the political parties voted the motion of mistrust, the people around the Greek Parliament, at Syntagma were screaming “traitors, traitors”. These words will be resonant in every corner of Greece. The national rage is spreading in every corner of our Homeland. Will this rage defeat the yieldingness, the fear and the submission? Will Macedonia save Greece once again?

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn