Macedonia and Thrace for sale-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 29 December 2017 - 16:53

Macedonia and Thrace for sale-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

-All the political parties except for GOLDEN DAWN sell off the name of Macedonia

-The anti-nationalists of SYRIZA with the consent of ND create a “a state within a state” for the muslims in Thrace

-Their antinational schemes are against the will of the majority of the people!

At October of 2015, GOLDEN DAWN had denounced at the Parliament the schemes of minister of foreign affairs Kotzias regarding the name of Macedonia, revealing that he had sent a letter to the chairmen of the political parties, where he asked them about a name for Skopje, as if the name of a state is a commercial firm or a product!

Only few days ago, New Democracy, though its representative, Maria Spyraki, stated that New Democracy supports a…compound name for all uses! 

Of course they omitted what they used to say at 90ies, that the use of the word Macedonia as an adjectival or geographic definition is out of the table. Completely omitted!

So, they opened the gates for the name “New Macedonia”, which is according to the media the most likely option for Skopje, in this antinational compromise between the political establishment and the foreign occupation. 

The chairman of ND agreed with Maria Spyraki in his interview at the newspaper “TO VIMA”.


In this interview, the chairman of New Democracy stated that he will agree in a compound name, if only Panos Kammenos is agreed. 

His problem does not concern the use of the term Macedonia in the name of Skopje, but whether this name shall have the consent of the political party of Kammenos. 

Of course, the political party of Panos Kammenos, as usual, will disassociate itself from SYRIZA, but in the end will support the government! This stance of course is pathetic, so if the deputies of ANEL disagree with the compound name of Skopje, they can just bring down the government. 

In any case, the plans of the political establishment are against the will of the people, since according to a recent opinion poll 80% of the people disagree to a compound name containing the term Macedonia. 


In his interview about this issue at ERT, the minister of foreign affairs Nikos Kotzias stated that validation of the name for Skopje, they need the majority of the deputies, not the consent of the political parties!

Unfortunately, he is right, since according to the Constitution the majority of the deputies except for naming Skopje as Macedonia, can also change the borders! In order to be accurate, we present the excerpt of the Constitution: Article 27: (Change of borders) 

No change at the borders of the territory can be done, without the legislation, voted by the majority of the deputies.”

The position of GOLDEN DAWN at this issue is clear and remains the same since the launch of our newspaper at January 10 of 1993: “NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA”!


However, the issue of Macedonia is not the only national affair, where the political establishment acts at the expense of the National Interests. There is also the issue of Thrace, where after the visit of Erdogan Greece is submissive to all the Turkish demands. 

The minister of Education and Religious Affairs Kostas Gavroglou stated that the government had decided for the election of mufti at Thrace! If this happens, then with the consent of Greece, the muslim Greek citizens, who are unfortunately allured by the Turkish propaganda, will have their own chosen leaders, appointed by the Turkish consulate!  Also, with an unusual legislation, they will impose saria at Greek Thrace! According to this legislation, if two muslim citizen agree to resort to the judgement of a mufti regarding their personal issues, then the decision of mufti will be unchangeable and then they will not be able to resort to the Greek court!

In this way, the Turkish consulate will create an autonomous state with its own leaders and courts within our Homeland!  There will be, literally, a muslim state within a state in Greece!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn