Lower your hands from the Armed Forces

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 - 19:00

Lower your hands from the Armed Forces

It was entered to the Standing Committee of the Parliament a bill of the Ministry of Labor, which they put up in the "pockets" of military and to their lump sum. They will add therefore, the funds of the military together with other funds bankrupt that their administrations played their reserves in the stock exchange, in order to suck the huge assets.

To these funds each section of the Armed Forces has a special account and the funds of each account is not subsidized by the state and they do not absorb social resources. So, when the military retired taking the lump sum and their dividends essentially, they get back their own money.

This means that the funds are not alternative.

As a result we will have mass resignations that they will not only afloat the respective funds but they will cause irreparable harm to the combat effectiveness of the troops with the flight of worthy military, as the Greeks non-commissioned officers and the officers they are not "autistic" or "stupid" as they had been called at times by Venizelos and by Beglitis.

The People's Association - Golden Dawn calls the coalition even at the last moment to get back the shameful device, saving even the fancied issues of our national defense and security.