Long live the NO of the Greeks! The Golden Dawn at the military parade in Thessaloniki – VIDEO

Monday, 30 October2017 - 21:28

The Golden Dawn’s Press Representative, Ilias Kasidiaris, said after the end of the military parade from Thessaloniki:

The Greeks who took the arms at that morning of ‘40 fought and defeated, because they still believed in Values, because they defended the triptych "Homeland - Religion - Family".

And I will mention the words of the great Father of that Victory, the Father of NO, the National Governor, General Metaxas: "All the Nation will stand up, we will win, but for the Greeks in favor of the Victory, the Glory."

This is the message of 28 October. All the Nation to stand up and re-say a big NO! NO to subordination and decadence. NO to globalization, Islamization and illegal immigration.

NO to the deletion of our History and Religion. NO to the insidious plans that are overwhelming our country.

Long live the NO of the Greeks! Long live Greece!