Long live the NO of Greeks! Hundreds of Nationalists honored the legacy of 1940-Photgraphy from the new multi-purpose facility of Golden Dawn

Monday, 30 October2017 - 21:14

Long live the NO of Greeks! Hundreds of Nationalists honored the legacy of 1940-Photgraphy from the new multi-purpose facility of Golden Dawn

Hundreds of Nationalists arrived to the new multi-purpose facility of Golden Dawn at Mesogeion Street in a double-natured event.  From the one side for the inauguration of this new multi-purpose facility and from the other side in order to celebrate a festive event for the “NO” of Greeks, which was uttered by the National Leader, Ioannis Metaxas, at the 28th of October of 1940.

As a matter of fact, the hall proved to be small in order to roof the constantly increasing attendants, a fact that was evident due to the welcome of the friends of Golden Dawn-hundreds pf whom could not enter the hall-to our Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

The spokesperson of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris opened the event, with a speech where he stressed the fact that Golden Dawn is the only successor of the National Battles of the great men of Hellenism, since we are the only who vow “NO” to the commands of the New World Order and the international usurers. He also welcomed our Comrades to the new multi-purpose facility of Golden Dawn, which constitutes one of the means against the conspiracy of silence from the media and the parastate.

Afterwards, the representative of the Youth Front of Golden Dawn, Ioannis Memos made a speech, where he mentioned that the youth of Golden Dawn comes always first to the National Battles of Golden Dawn. Youth has always been the castle of Nationalism and the Hope of this Nation.

Then, the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos, made a speech commenting on the small capacity of this hall, since we will have to break these walls in order to get close to the people of Golden Dawn. Afterwards, the Leader mentioned the paranoiac times we live in, since even the anniversary of the 28th of October is used by the communists to calumniate the Father of Victory, Ioannis Metaxas, while the parastatals beat army cadets in the center of Athens and there are communists songs in the Officers Club. Well, the communists incited at 1940 the Greeks to not fight for the Northern Epirus, similarly at 1919-1922 at Minor Asia.

Also, the Leader stressed that in these dreary times, the leftists will “honor” the NO, while they uttered “YES” to everything. Same goes to New Democracy. So, it is clear that the only able to really honor the anniversary of 28th of October are the Comrades of Golden Dawn. And they their Heroes to honor, Giorgos Foudoulis and Manolis Kapelonis, we will honor in few days and will never forget.

Yet we may not forget either those who put the gun in the hands of the murderers, our constant calumniators. These calumniators lie among the “anarchists” and “patriots” who want to turn Nationalists like themselves.

In the end, Comrade Giorgos Linardis made the final speech, where he briefly described the historical facts regarding the preparations of war of the National Regime of the 4th of August, which led to the legacy of 1940, where the Greek Soldier amazed the entire world by winning over an empire, which assaulted us along with Albanian divisions.

This massive event ended with everyone chanting the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn.

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