Listening to the whisper of History

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 - 16:29

Listening to the whisper of History

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the National Newspaper “Empros”

“Full with glory, full with grace, the Holy Day arrives and the Nation salutes your memory”, according to an old march which is now unknown to Greek lads! This march was devoted to the 25th of March and the fact that is now forgotten is the result of the actions of those who eradicated every National aspect from the Greek Education! 

The 25th of March is the day-symbol of the national revolution of Greeks against the Turkish occupation. This symbolic date combined FAITH and FATHERLAND and of course includes the heroic battles at the principalities, which commenced at the 17th of March at Areopolis at Mani and then the rest of Peloponnese. 

Back then, a bunch of brave men with faith to the destiny of our Race revolted, having by their side people who would not have followed, have they knew that in reality there was not an “invisible power” that supported them Russia. I talk about the invocations of Papaflessas and Ypsilanti that the Russian Tsar supported the Revolution. Yet, they dared the impossible, they provoked an entire empire, by listening to the secret voice of blood, the whisper of History. 

Once again took place various events in this Country in order to honor the Revolution of 1821, the 25 of March. Of course, those who organized these events proved to be extremely hypocrites since they proceeded to the succession of our National Sovereignty through the implementation of memoranda and they denied the very same definition of our Nation. However, these eternal Heroes remain engraved in the memory of an entire people, who still live and breathe for the “Dream”. Those glorious years were tough and bloody. Hundreds of thousands of Greeks were slaughtered following the Sultan’s orders  not only in the place where the Revolution broke out, but also in Constantinople, Trabzon, Smyrna and Cyprus, namely wherever Greeks had settlements. Of course, our children will never learn such things, because the leaders of our “education” say so…

Till 1823 Greeks were victorious to all the battlefields, at Continental Greece and Peloponnese, but then came the loans from Ricardo brothers, the division and the cursed civil war and Ibrahim pasha along with his Egyptian troops. At their sight, many Greeks flinched and bowed and received indulgences from Ibrahim. At that time, Kolokotronis was imprisoned at Hydra. Well, he was set free in order to stop this furious catastrophe. Then, at 1825, Ibrahim going from Tripolitsa, the capital city in the center of Peloponnese to Kalavrita, in the village Kastanes he witnessed a man hanging from a tree. When he went closer he saw a piece of paper with these words engraved on it: “This despicable death awaits all the Greeks who bowed to Ibrahim and will not repent, to oppose him again. Same goes for those who think in this abominable way and will not change their mind. This is the destiny for the free Greek priests and civilians who shall not fight in the upcoming battles. This man, Giannis Bouboukas was sent in this village as a spy. He was caught and received death by hanging." From the General High quarters at the city of Feneos. General of Peloponnese TH. KOLOKOTRONIS. 

He kept relentlessly the flame of Revolution alive. He kept alive the Sacred Flame of the Nation, by addressing these words to those who kneeled over Ibrahim: “Give me the indulgences of Ibrahim and I shall give you back the indulgences of the Nation. If any village remains loyal to Ibrahim, I shall burn it to the ground. Whenever the Barbarians leave your home, I will break in, I will burn and I will kill. Fire and Axe to those who kneeled!