Lesvos: From the Nobel of Peace to the…Riot Police of Alexis Tsipras! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 14 May 2018 - 22:36

Lesvos: From the Nobel of Peace to the…Riot Police of Alexis Tsipras! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Only two or three years ago, the mass media used to declare that Lesvos would be honored with Nobel Prize for accepting the illegal immigrants!

A whole business was made up, a business of brain washing and suddenly everyone in this country (except for GOLDEN DAWN) declared that Greeks are thrilled from the massive invasion of illegal immigrants in our Homeland, the islands of Aegean. However their propaganda fell apart and in all the political enquiries more than 70% of Greeks state that the illegal immigrants are unwanted and responsible for the criminality and the unemployment in our country. 

Of course, on the other hand, Greece obtained a “heavy industry”, the industry of NGOs, where many “antiracists” and “humanitarians” suddenly get rich…So, past Thursday, at May 3rd of 2018, the prime minister visited Lesvos. 

A statement of 50’’ and the ultimate silence from the propaganda mechanisms 

Few hours before the visit of Alexis Tsipras to Lesvos with riot police, I made in the peristyle of the Parliament the following statement: “The allegedly popular prime minister Tsipras goes today at Mytilene with riot police, like an occupying power. The stores are closed in an island turned to jungle, due to the politics of the open borders. He must understand that is time to resign and to stop declaring that he will proceed to elections at October of 2019. Golden Dawn fights for another Greece, without open borders in Evros or the islands. For a Greece of Greeks. I am sure -and I hope to be wrong- that this statement will not be broadcasted at the corrupted channels. 

As natural, this statement was never published in any newspaper, or broadcasted in any channel.  This is the ultimate silence against a political party which in the last three elections was the third political power of this land. ESR also silenced, regardless the violation of the Constitution from the media.

However, the bolshevists of SYRIZA have really audacity, like the MP of SYRIZA Giorgos Pallis, who stated that those who protested are a minority of fascists. Precisely, he stated: “We should pick a side. Whether we are democrats or we are a minority of fascists, that some flutter for political profits. There were arrestments of those who attempted to alienate the demands of the residents of Moria.” 

Well, Mr. Pallis, we have chosen our side, we are with the people of Lesvos, and if you thing that all the residents of Lesvos are a minority of fascists, that all the store owners who closed their enterprises are fascists, then you are probably disconnected from reality. Now, you are no longer “desperate”. Now the people of Greece is desperate. 

The borders at Evros (The northern borders of Greece) 

However, the open borders are not only in our islands. They are also at Evros, since the Turkish parastate sends the illegal immigrants at the northern side of Greece. Why? The mayor of Orestiada gives the answer: because Turkey does not have to take pack the immigrants who invade Greece through the borders at Evros!  So, only at April, 2.990 “refuges” passed the borders, which of course were not stopped by the fence at Evros! For those who ignore it, the fence has a height of ten kilometers, but there is no guard only cameras. 

However, when the cameras detect the illegal immigrants the police forces never make it on time! So the borders remain open, according to the wishes of SYRIZA, but also New Democracy and the rest of the parties of the “constitutional platform”. In addition to this, police has become passive, as well as the Armed Forces, so they do not enforce the law, in fear of being called ”racists”!

More are coming…Close the borders!

Everything shows that the next months will be nightmarish for our Homeland, with this nationally dangerous government and the spirit of passivity to have been imposed in the Police Units and the Armed Forces. The mayor at Orestiada stated that “we cannot write down those who will arrive the upcoming days”. Also, the representative of Red Cross stated that “when the weather get better, more and more of them will arrive because the trip will be easier”. Towards this dangerous situation, everyone remains in apathy in fear of being called “racist” and claim that Europe has to guard for us. 

GOLDEN DAWG, taking into account the current situation, calls all the Greeks to demand –for the protection of the nation and the future for our people- the closure of the borders in any cost, even if they call as “racists”. 

In the end, if racism means a Greece for Greeks, safe borders, without “refugees” or illegal immigrants, then every Greek patriot, who defend the future and the Honor of this country is “racist”. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn