Last requiem of government and “pimps”

Thursday, 13 November 2014 - 04:01

Last requiem of government and “pimps”

The junta of Venizelos-Samaras on its last legs. Besides we have seen previously the statements of Venizelos.." or we will choose as people and as a nation a solution which we have struggled for with lots of sacrifices and labors and it is safe and secure or we will choose other options that cannot be described right now are uncertain with high risks". The above statement might mean primary elections or something else that we dont want to imagine.

At this crucial time for our country is taking place the last propaganda of the maximou government, in order to misslead and manipulate the Greek people. then they will look the real exit polls to see if their slip is still going down and they will end up to elections to avoid further worst senarios. The reason of course is the infamous setting for the 'red loans' that has already terminated and therefore will not be implemented by the troika, and secondly the money return for the armed forces which is obliged by court order. 

On the other hand, systematically is been hidden from the media the fact that the troika claims for new measures which the government tries to shift after the elections. Among them is the covering of the financial gap which troika estimates at 2.6 billion euros for the year 2015, the government commitment that will not do horizontal adjustments, the loss of the protecion of the first house in every family and many many more.

Every single Greek that is not idiot realises that we are in front of a new memorandum harder than the previous one. The only prerequisite for the copletion of their plans is to fool once more the Greek people and steal their vote. However they will not be able to do so because their collapse will come sooner than they expect.