Kasidiaris Towards Members of Ethics Committee: “This is an Opportunity for you to get used to the Prison Environment”

Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 14:09

Kasidiaris Towards Members of Ethics Committee: “This is an Opportunity for you to get used to the Prison Environment”

On November 20th, the Parliament Ethics Committee met at Korydallos Prison for the infamous Baltakos case. However, instead of Samaras-Athansaiou-Dendias facing charges for abolishing the constitution, Kasidiaris may face… felony charges!

The Golden Dawn spokesperson appeared before the committee wearing athletic attire, since just before, he had been exercising. He stated that “The parliamentary committee is not supposed to meet at Korydallos. But it’s good that you came. This is an opportunity for you to get used to the prison environment. Scandals, offshore companies owned by MPs, the minister of justice steals from the tax authority and files fraudulent asset declarations. Shortly MPs and ministers will be permanent residents of the prison. If, you came to acclimate yourselves, you did well.”

Then, Ilias Kasidiaris denied the charge he was accused of: “in the parliament plenary, I revealed that the Samaras government has manipulated justice and abolished the constitution. And instead of Samaras being in prison, I, the Leader (Nikos Michaloliakos), and my party’s MPs. We are paying the price for the truth and our struggle for a free Greece.” 

The members of the Committee did not say a single word throughout the duration of the meeting. 

Only Dimitris Koukoutsis, a Golden Dawn MP, asked questions.

- Koukoutsis: “Were you the one that did the filming? Something like this seems unlikely, because your hands were moving freely.”

- Kasidiaris: “I deny the accusation. I emphasize, however, that when the constitution is violated by violence, armed counter-terrorism police illegally raided my home – every means is lawful, in accordance with article 120 of the constitution.  Any citizen, not just an MP, has the sacred obligation to use whatever means necessary to deal with those that have abolished the constitution with violence. I repeat, we are not just speaking about proving my innocence, but also the abolition of the Constitution of the Greeks.”

- Koukoutsis: “How did Mr. Baltakos refer to Mr. Samaras in the dialogue in question?”

- Kasidiaris: “When Samaras said to him “I will put them in prison and bring them down to 2 percent” Mr. Baltakos answered him with “you’re a jerk-off”. When I pointed out that Samaras imprisoned us to steal our votes, Mr. Baltakos answered “yes, the faggot.”

- Koukoutsis: “Mrs. Voultepsi said the same thing.”

- Kasidiaris: “Yes, on SΚΑΙ (ΣΚΑΪ) television she referenced “the faggot’s surroundings” meaning to say Samaras’ surroundings. I’m not aware why the New Democracy members have such obsessions with characterizations such as these.”


1. This Constitution, voted by the Fifth Revisionary Parliament of the Hellenes, is signed by its Speaker and published by the provisional President of the Republic in the Government Gazette by decree countersigned by the Cabinet and shall enter into force on the eleventh of June 1975.

2. Respect towards the constitution and the law concurrent thereto, and devotion to the Fatherland and to democracy constitute a fundamental duty of all Greeks.

3. Usurpation, in any way whatsoever, of popular sovereignty and of powers deriving therefrom shall be prosecuted upon restoration of the lawful authority; the limitation from which punishment for the crime is barred shall begin as of the restoration of lawful authority.

4. Observance of the constitution is entrusted to the patriotism of the Greeks who shall have the right and the duty to resist by all possible means against anyone who attempts the violent abolition of the constitution.