Kasidiaris and the Case of the “Time Traveling Prosecutor”

Monday, 15 December2014 - 23:42

Kasidiaris and the Case of the “Time Traveling Prosecutor”

A clip of Kasidiaris latest speech in parliament. Kasidiaris talks about his supposed  “crimes” and why he is imprisoned today.

Apparently in the “FUTURE” he commits the “crime” of “raising someones morale”, by letting them hold a gun he legally owned.

The prosecutor Dogiakos claimed this “raising of someones morale” could lead to a crime in the future.

Yes, you heard that right. The Samaras government claims that if you legally own a rifle, and somebody else holds it, that person or other people may have their “morale raised” and that could possibly lead them to commit a crime in the distant future. Thus in Greece, you could preemptively be responsible for future crimes somebody possibly will commit in the future. 

Fortunately,the time traveling prosecutor, Dogiakos stopped Kasidiaris, and changed the future course of events…”saving mankind”.