January: The month of transfers for footballers and ... MPs! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 31 January 2019 - 17:05

January: The month of transfers for footballers and ... MPs! Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

We have experienced the following situation in the Parliament of the Hellenes! MPs elected with the New Democracy, the Independent Greeks, the Potami party and the Union of Centrists gave their vote of confidence to the SYRIZA government!

Really, did they honor the citizens' confidence in them with this act? It was thousands of years ago that the Greek Logos expressed the view that: “TYRANNY NATURALLY ARISES OUT OF DEMOCRACY” - PLATO.


Hundreds of years ago, on the opposite coast of the Aegean, in Ephesus, lived the great philosopher Heraclitus, and he honored especially Hermodorus, who, according to the Roman Historian Pliny, was the author of the Roman Twelve Tables, which is the basis of the Roman Law. He was the inspirer of the notion of Law, which is prevalent today in the whole world. But Hermodorus was exiled from Ephesus. And for what reason? Because he used to stand out from the crowd and, according to this vulgar version of democracy, no one should be Excellent and stand out! After the exile of Hermodorus, the inhabitants of Ephesus asked Heraclitus to legislate. Thus, he gave them the following answer:

All the Ephesian adults should hang themselves and leave their city to the minors, because they were the ones who sent away Hermodorus, the most useful man, by saying, “None of us should be more useful than the others. Otherwise, he must go elsewhere and live with others”.

I was reminded of all these while participating in the parliamentary process of the 15th  and 16th  of January, 2019. I also remembered the words that Alexandros Papadiamantis wrote, referring to the politics of the modern Greek state, in the newspaper ACROPOLIS in 1896: “...Is it the owl’s fault that she is mourning among the ruins? Those who made the ruins are to blame. And the ruins were made by the incompetent governors of Greece. These politicians, these MPs, have destroyed the nation, damn them ...”.

Speaking in Parliament about a “Frankenstein” majority

Politicians, especially parties of power, often complain, because the people do not appreciate them, or rather, to become accurate, because the people swear at them, considering political life to be almost a matter of the underworld. Inside the Parliament I had the opportunity to talk about what happened and will happen in the future, highlighting the breaking up of the SYRIZA-ANEL political cooperation:

“... And we have arrived to the infamous divorce and to the current vote of confidence, where it’s important to notice what kind of majority you are going to have. You will have 144 MPs that have been elected with SYRIZA, you will have one MP elected with the Union of Centrists, three MPs elected with ANEL, one MP from the Potami party, and one MP from New Democracy. We are talking about a Frankenstein Government, a Frankenstein majority. There has never been such a political jelly before, so heterogeneous.

While we are on the subject, and since the fiery New Democracy speaks against us, I will remind her of the following: Mr. Kammenos is a child of yours, Mrs. Papakosta  is a child of yours, and so is the careerism in politics and the practice of people always changing parties, without shame, in order to serve their personal interests.

However, this is also an example of the country's current political life, because this was not the case in the 1950s. When it occurred in the 1960s, an unprecedented popular uproar was created. But today, nobody cares! There seems to be nothing wrong in going from New Democracy to SYRIZA. The political life has reached a new low!”

That's what I said in Parliament but I did not receive an answer ... And how could I receive one, since what I said fully responded to this sad reality that the Greek people experience in the totally discredited political life of our poor country. I did not receive a response from the left on the things that I mentioned, quoting historical "documents" about their treacherous stance on the Macedonian issue, nor from NEW DEMOCRACY about her national unacceptable shenanigans in the question of the compound name and the denunciation of her obvious hypocrisy.

What does the People say about all these?

New Democracy, using misleading verbal formulas, tries to avoid talking about the substance, diligently avoids taking a stand on the name issue and, of course, does not pledge to hold a referendum on the issue when she becomes government, or to cancel the Prespa Accord. On the contrary, she declares that she cannot cancel it...

Nevertheless, she still pretends to be the protector of national values, while exerting a nationally dangerous brinkmanship. At the same time, she continues throwing mud against GOLDEN DAWN, by making her lackeys say and write that GOLDEN DAWN is cooperating with ... SYRIZA! Really, who is cooperating with SYRIZA about the compound name? NEW DEMOCRACY, of course!

In a recent political survey, the citizens were asked what they think about the political parties, the military, etc. The results, which were also published in the press, are as follows:

“... 50% of the Greeks seem to trust only five institutions: the universities, the armed forces, the police, the church and the courts. Institutions such as the parliament, the press, the government or the political parties received confidence rates of less than 15%. This phenomenon, however, has nothing to do with institutions alone. Greeks do not seem to trust other people either. 9 out of 10 disagree with the view that “most people are trustworthy”. In the meanwhile, 99.5% of citizens say they trust their family, 83% trust only “people they know personally”, 61% trust their neighbors, but only 1 in 5 trusts “people of another nationality”, and 1 in 5 trusts “people of another religion”.

Honestly, which political Movement expresses these views? Which political party believes the same things that the People believes and expresses them in and out of the parliament? 

Even though the establishment of the political system may not like it, that party is GOLDEN DAWN. The GOLDEN DAWN (that they are all fighting, primarily because of it), expresses the National Conscience, the Faith and the will of the People.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn