“It only takes one Idea!” Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 4 May 2018 - 15:38

“It only takes one Idea!” Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

A battle till the end against the vassals

The lyrics of our National poet, Kostis Palamas, constitute a source of inspiration, but also a source of Truth for the present and the future of our Nation, since “dreary years came and the trees have become strongholds”.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And until this is gone, Greece cannot flourish! Either Greece or Ashes, according to Pericles Giannopoulos, who indicated the path of Honor, Dignity and Pride. We fought one for a woman, Helen, so we do not deserve to vanish into a failed state, but we ought to sacrifice our soul in order for Greece to become Greece again, GREECE! In order to take our Homeland back! 

This is a new Turkish Occupation

Three Greek lads raised the Greek Flag in a rocky islet at the Aegean and everyone (except for Golden Dawn of course!) denounced them as…traitors (!), as a threat towards their “peace”…Really, how did they end in peace? Through submission. 

So, the Greek lads are guilty, even according to Panos Kammenos, an alleged patriotic politician. If they had not raised the Greek Flag in the borders of Aegean but instead had burnt our Flag in the centre of Athens, then they would have been congratulated by the antinationalists of SYRIZA. As a matter of fact, do not forget that politician, who had stated that every citizen has the right to burn the Greek Flag…Do not forget some dreary professors who claimed that our Flag is nothing but a cloth…

Turkish soldiers brought down the Greek Flag and then some cowards, those who pretend to be generals, admirals or governors claim that this never happened! However, Erdogan himself disputed them, since in an interview at the television station of Turkey NTV, he stated: “SAT (Turkish commandos) brought down the Greek Flag. We do not want tension in the Aegean. We try for it.” 

What did Erdogan state in simple words? The Turkish army brought down the Greek Flag in Greek Territory. Was anyone really ashamed in this country? No! They are dispassionate. Like snakes. However, I do recall these words: “When you turn into a worm, do not complain for being stepped on”. 

National issues, opinion polls and wannabe patriots 

In this vague political atmosphere GOLDEN DAWN still resists and this is the reason why everyone is fighting us. However, instead of harming us, they make us stronger, since we read in a site: “IN.GR. Vasilis S. Kanellis April 18 of 2018: “Kammenos is dead weight for Megaro Maximou (the government of SYRIZA) and they do not know how to get rid of him. The secret opinion polls are devastating. Citizens do not trust the minister of National Defense (Panos Kammenos) and they blame the government for the absurd foreign policy… IN. GR asked the pollsters about those who benefit from the current national affairs. The answer is surprising, especially regarding the actions of Kammenos. If he thinks that with his statements ANEL can survive, he is wrong. The polls show great interest for the national affairs and the danger from the East, but Kammenos is not favoured by that. According to the analysts, those who are benefited are the ultra-patriots of Golden Dawn who gain 1 to 2 monads to their rates.”

“For the new birth”

The rotten state of Denmark has to end this will, end only with a battle against vassals and the traitors. Above the ruins we must build a fortress for the “new birth” that approaches. Which is this “new birth”? Maybe the young lads with the proud spirit, who are cursed by the media? Probably…Time will show. This ‘new birth” is the last and only hope of our Nation. 

The Idea is necessary. The Idea exists and so do the people who shall hold her in their hands, who have proved that they are determined to sacrifice themselves. They proved it in the cells of prison, they proved it in the bloody sidewalks at Heraklion Street, where the New Martyrs of our National Idea left their last breath. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos 
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn