Is this the breaking of Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 26 October2017 - 23:19

Is this the breaking of Golden Dawn? Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

At Friday October 20 of 2017 we made the inaugurations of our new offices at Piraeus. Prompted by our event, tens of institutions organized counter-protests demanding the closure of the offices of GOLDEN DAWN. We are really astonished that this protest happened while in the print and web media, in newspapers, channels and on the internet the professional “antifascists” prompted by some withdrawals insist that GOLDEBN DAWN is about to break! Well, why then do they organize protests, since comes the end of GOLDEN DAWN?

An obvious example of this climate is an excerpt of the leftist newspaper “EfSyn”:

“The crisis grows more and more in the internal of Golden Dawn, because of the major proof against Golden Dawn shown in the court. One after another, the members of the nazi organization abandon this sunken ship, while the trial forces Golden Dawn to hide the raid guilds from the street, a fact that causes detachment between the members.”

So, according to this newspaper, who is devoted in the calumniation of GOLDEN DAWN, GOLDEN DAWN does no longer constitute a danger for the so called “constitutional platform” and the rest of the marxists. So, they should calm, there is no reason to worry…

Of course, in reality they know that the situation is totally different! And this is proved by the conspiracy of silence of the media that have excluded the term “GOLDEN DAWN” from the new reports! Also, there is large number of opinion polls which indicate that GOLDEN DAWN does not…break, while there is also a large number of articles, of liberal and leftist journalists, which mention the danger of the growth of the Nationalists! 

So, the rumors about the breaking of GOLDEN DAWN are just wishful thinking of those who manically fight our Movement the last months.  Banishments, persecutions, counter-protests, terrorism to the hotels for not hosting our events, exclusion and terror attack. Only few days ago they burned the vehicle of a Comrade in Petropolis. Packs of criminals assault to citizens, believing they are members of GOLDEN DAWN! There is the propaganda against GOLDEN DAWN from the teachers of the generation polytechnic… All these against a Movement that falls apart…The reality is quite the opposite, so their agony grows bigger! 

For years have passed since when an entire system fights all forces GOLDEN DAWN! Two of our Comrades are dead, many remain in prison, so it is natural that this terrorism has affected many persons who believe in GOLDEN DAWN, but lack the courage to follow the difficult path of virtue. 

If these have happened to any other political party, it would have definitely be broken! 

But this is not the case for GOLDEN DAWN, who continues to fight with Faith in its Principles and Ideals, without kneeling to the suzerains of our Homeland, without compromising with those who sell off Greece. In this magnificent fight we invite all Greek men and women, in order to raise the Flag for a new Greece, the Greece of Nationalists. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn