Interview of N. G. Michaloliakos at the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”:  “Only with Fight we will take our Homeland back!”

Monday, 30 October 2017 - 21:46

Interview of N. G. Michaloliakos at the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”:  “Only with Fight we will take our Homeland back!”

Interview at Veta Andri for the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”

-Seven years with memoranda and Greek economy goes from bad to worse…Do you think that the stance of Golden Dawn, from the beginning of memoranda till now, against the memoranda has proved to be right?

First of all, I would like to thank you for the chance you are offering me to communicate with the Greek people, a chance we should have offered by all the channels and the newspapers! But, as you know, all these “gentlemen”, who hold in their hands the information of Greek people are like tyrants towards Golden Dawn. As a matter of fact, at Wednesday October 18 of 2017 I made a statement at the peristyle of the Parliament of 20 seconds and they cut down the 10 seconds of this statement! A democracy of 10 seconds. Towards this regime of stalinist censorship there are only few honorable and free voices, like the title of your newspaper, which give the chance to speak publicly.

You asked me about the seven years of memoranda and the Greek economy. UI am glad that through your question you also realize the pain that the Greeks experience. There is no development, no improvement, only empty words. And of course the appointments of the persons who are loyal to this antinational left government. Unfortunately, the stance of GOLDEN DAWN against the memoranda is proved to be right. We hope we would be wrong, yet the harsh reality indicates that the memoranda lead to the complete destruction of our national economy.

-Do you think there will be soon political developments? The coalition of SYRIZA-ANEL will last or we head to early elections?

Our stance is that the current government represents a minority of Greek People. In real rates, this government does not represent more than 1/5 of the population. Despite that, it remains government for two reasons: The first reason is the passiveness of our People. Relative to this situation is a speech I made in the parliament that worse than the fact that the government did not ripped off the memoranda is the passive reaction and the apathy of people. 

The second reason is that the opposition is the same with the government while the Golden Dawn that still resists is constantly persecuted. Despite the constant banishments, the exclusion from the media, the terrorism, we continue to fight and we call the people to stand by our side. I do not know if there will be early elections. Well, I wish for that and if this arrives in the Parliament, we shall do the right thing. 

-It is obvious that the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL with the legislations and the tactics is turned against the Christian faith of Greeks. Taking into account that Golden Dawn was the only power that stood by the monks of Mount Athos, what does Golden Dawn believes about the Orthodox faith in an era of massive islamic invasion-through the illegal immigrants- in Greece and Europe? 

This government has made astonishing deeds against the Orthodox faith indeed. The opposition, New Democracy has done nothing, since it serve the globalization and the new world order! An example of the recent past is the vote for the mosque, where SYRIZA and ND voted together for the construction of the islamic mosque in the heart of the Orthodox Greece!

GOLDEN DAWN resisted to the mosque, as she did in the case of the legislation for the change of gender, where ND proposed the change of gender at the age of 18, instead the age of 15. It is a fact that the Orthodox faith and Hellenism are persecuted, while GOLDEN DAWN is the only power that supports and defends everything sacred in the Nation. Unfortunately, there are traitors even in the Sacred place of Church, who plan dirty schemes and fight GOLDEN DAWN. It makes no difference to us, we will continue to fight for the Orthodox faith and we have all the honorable priests by our side! 

-Some persons claim that Golden Dawn should “change”, should expand with old politicians, in order to gain more votes in the elections…What is your opinion in that?

In your question I have answered with a specific article in the website and the newspaper of GOLDEN DAWN, with the title “WE WILL NOT SELL OUR SOULS FOR THE VOTES”. No, GOLDEN DAWN does not intend to change. Neither does she believe that the old politicians have something to offer. 

GOLDEN DAWN embraces all Greeks, excludes no one, but clearly aspires a new National Policy and this policy has nothing to do with all those who served the old political parties the last 43 years and led our Homeland to utmost degeneration! We remain the same, whether they like it or not. We are the GOLDEN DAWN of the 0,5% of the past, the GOLDEN DAWN of 7%  according to the last elections and in the future with higher rates, with the wish of God and with the condition that Greek People awake and stop voting the political parties that led the people towards disaster. A disaster that is not only economic, but also moral, cultural, political. 

We believe that there is still resistance in Greek People and despite the lies and the mendacities of the political parties of government, they will realize that they have to support and be supported by GOLDEN DAWN in a difficult but wonderful battle against literally an entire rotten political establishment, against the foreign occupation that unfortunately governs our Homeland. The Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN, with the power we have, we will do what we have to, in streets and squares, in cities and villages. We shall tell them that there is still hope, if only the Greeks fight beyond their personal interests and turn their back to all those who destroyed their dreams, in the four decades of this false democracy. 

-How would you briefly comment the recent legislation for the “change of gender” at the age of 15, but also the persecution against the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora” due to the front page of the 11th of October relatively to this issue? 

The recent legislation for the “change of gender” at the age of 15 years is against the Religion of our People and the morality of our society and those who voted for it should be ashamed. It is also unscientific, since at the age of 15 years a child cannot have a clear stance at this major issue! Yet, I want to stress that the position of New Democracy for the change of gender at the age of 18 is also disgraceful. 

The persecution of the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora” regarding the front page of the 11th of October will fail and the newspaper will be exonerated, since there was no urge for act of violence. Yet, it is also a badge of honor, since those who are persecuted in these harsh times, someday will have the right to say that they resisted in the selling-out of our Homeland, in the attempt to annihilate our great Nation! 

In the end, I would like to mention to your readers that I do share the worries pf the majority of Greeks that things go from bad to worse. Yet, they have to realize that in these difficult times nothing comes for free. So, if they really worry about the future of the Nation, their duty is the resistance. Only with the Fight we will take our Homeland back. GOLDEN DAWN raises a flag. Only the alive, the brave, may follow us!