In Memory of Ionos Dragoumis - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 8 August2017 - 14:03

In Memory of Ionos Dragoumis - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

It was July 31, 1920, when Ion Dragoumis, the Idas (Ida was the literary pseudonym of Iona Dragoumi when he wrote in the journal “Nouma”) of the Macedonian Struggle, was assassinated by the bullets of the Democrats of Venizelos. At the point where the purest blood of an amazing visionary, a fervent preacher of the Great Idea, was spilt, today there is a simple marble column, just as our national poet Kostis Palamas wanted its who wrote about the murder of Dragoumis:

“May a white column be erected where you fell
(And how you did fall, no writing has mentioned it)
A white column with the motherland as its image.
For only fitting is she in making you weep,
May the mute marbled make you cry. "

Just opposite this simple marble column, many years later a building was built, the Hilton Hotel, a building-symbol of post-war Greece of bribery and of financial fraud, of avarice and of ill-gotten gain. Two worlds, one against the other. On the one hand, the pseudo-Romeos (another world for “Greek”) with his get-rich-quick schemes and, on the other hand, the true Greek and Greece that promote the Great Idea! The Greece for which Ion Dragoumis gave his life without second thought. Ion Dragoumis, who some politically correct liberals have adopted as their own.

For all of them I will quote the words he wrote in his book “Hosi Zontani"(AS MANY AS LIVE) in Constantinople in 1908: "Alexus’ soul, fascinated by loathing for the little man, shouted all the day: ‘Down with the Masons, the Jews, the Socialists!’”


By abolishing principles, concepts and ideas, the current powers of the very soul of our people try to impose the view that ... a patriot is only he who accepts and thinks according to this "politically correct" system, which dominates public life. Ion Dragoumis answers all of them in 1903 from Macedonia, where he is fighting for the Nation, with the following words:

"If we are a living genus, we will not stick with the political system that they have stuck to us. The constitution and the deputies are an illness. It's not our life. Either it will kill us or it itself will die anyway.  And we will live then with another political system, which is better for us. How, without studying us well, without learning our physical makeup, did they impose on us MPs and a constitution? "

"Let the state be absent, it will be an obstacle or will distort the national soul. If the state upsets the nation, it must necessarily be changed or be gone with. The state that prevents the physiology of the nation is unnecessary and harmful." 


Just what were the political beliefs of Ion Dragoumis? Mature and settles in his Corsican exile, he writes in his diary that he must embrace and match Nationalism with Socialism.  A Marxism denier, having clearly articulated in his political articles in the publication "NOUMA” like "THE STATE, THE NATIONAL, THE ONE", surely his socialism has nothing to do with communism.

He writes about the kind of socialism that he desires in the following: "I love man that much to become a narrow socialist. I love that much the man to become a staunch patriot. I love the man that much in order to feel myself as an individual. From a man of a class with certain class interests, I become a socialist in the broad sense, and I want a new economy in my society and in other societies. "

Denying the identity of patriot as per the masses, he declares himself a Nationalist, stressing that one can not even be a man by forgetting his origin and his Nation! He also denies individualism, which is the basis and focus of liberalism, and writes:

"From a narrow patriot, I become a nationalist, with the conscience of my nation and all other nations because the differences of the nations will always exist, and I have their conscience and I am glad that there are these differences, which by their contradictions, with their perceptions, raise human consciousness and energy. From an individual I become a person. "

"One cannot be a man and forget his origins. He should remember where he came from, where he grew up, which nation nurtured him. "

"Nationalism is a form of energy. So all energetic people are nationalists, whether they know it or not. The internationalist is an element of death for his nation. "


Today, not only in Greece, but also throughout the world, some people pull the strings to alter the nations and homelands into a vast consumer herd in the name of globalization. However, for Ion Dragoumis, the multicultural society that liberals and Marxists want does not exist and not just that, as he is said, “The internationalist is a death element for his nation." He further declares that only nationalistic can a civilization be and nothing else:

"What is the ultimate destination of the nations? The civilization! Now here’s a project worthy of the nations, one truly humane. Here’s how nations can be useful to mankind. Cultures give birth to the nations and these only. "

Greece in 2017 and living in the country of the memorandums, which have ceded its national sovereignty, we see our people being in a state of nirvana, passivity and subordination, which does not differ much from a deadly snore. Today, therefore, when most Greeks are subordinate, Ion Dragoumis, always so apropos, writes about them:

"What does ragias (subordinate, ραγιάς) mean? It means one who is slave to his fear. The ragias is half a man. He subordinate behavior is called a “necessary wisdom.” You hunt him and he hides. You flog him and he still stoops low. You kill him and he is silent. "

A marble column in the center of Athens, in the capital of the country of open borders, the country that has delivered its soul to the devil of filthy lucre, the satanic power of usury, and you have this marble column symbolizing the blood of man set apart spilt at this very point, the blood of Ion Dragoumis, who, with his life and his state, with the pen and the sword, by his example teaches and tells through the ages that it is not wise for one to be a ragias (subordinate) and slave of his fear. “As many as those that live" may they, finally, fight the battle, a battle for a new Greece without ragiades, those who act like they are wise, but, in fact, are slaves to fear.

Nicholas G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of the People's Association - Golden Dawn