In honor of Ion Dragoumes-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 13 August 2018 - 18:31

In honor of Ion Dragoumes-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Empros”


“Dear Comrades, Proud Greek men and women, you are so special for attending this ceremony, today, an event of Honor and Memory. I want to inform you that this morning, Comrade Christos Pappas, under my order, asked from the political parties in the Parliament to keep a moment of silence in the Memory of Ion Dragoumes. They denied, as usual…

We are here this day, at the 31st of July of 2018, in order to honor the Memory of a special man, who took part in the Macedonian Fight, the man who wrote about the “Blood of the Martyrs and the Heroes”. Ironically, nowadays, this hideous political establishment betrayed the blood of Pavlos Melas, of Ion Dragoumes, Tellos Agras, all the Macedonian Warriors. In these tragic days, people vows a single word, towards all these corrupted politicians that sell of our Macedonia: “Traitors, traitors. Traitors”! 

31 of July 1920, the day when the father of Greek Nationalism, Ion Dragoumes was murdered at this place. In this place the great visionary shed his blood, in front of this white column. Palamas dedicated to him these words: “Only this simple white column is suitable for you, to mourn your spirit, in the ages…”

Along with these column, you, the Greek Nationalists, do remember our heroes and never forget the traitors. On the opposite side, a different building was built, a building-symbol of the Greece after the political change-over, the Hilton hotel, the symbol of the easy money, of corruption. 

Two opposite worlds. On the one side the easy money with Hilton, on the other side the Real Greece of Ion Dragoumes. Ion Dragoumes without hesitation offered his life to Greece, and nowadays, some corrupted politicians have the audacity to claim that they are like him. Towards them all, Ion Dragoumes answers: “if we are an alive generation, we will not stay put in their imposed political system. The Constitution and the MPs are a disease.  Not our life.”

Our life is the Nation, the Homeland, the History, the Heroes. As for us, the Nationalists, Ion Dragoumes wrote the following: “Nationalism is a form of energy….Globalism is the death of the Nation”.  These times, the globalists govern our country, they bring death to our Nation. So Golden Dawn will fight in order to defeat them. 

Dear Comrades, Ion Dragoumes show us the way, he is one of our own, he is the father of our Ideals. We, his loyal followers 98 years after his death, we vow “Immortal”.