Ilias Panagiotaros: “Samaras won’t fuck Golden Dawn! You’re finished!”

Tuesday, 16 December2014 - 21:56

The political stooges and their journalist lackeys act shocked at Panagiotaros’ barrage in parliament. The ones who act is if they hadn’t seen or heard the audio document that proves the abolishment of the political system by the dictator Samaras, are outraged because the Golden Dawn MP used the rhetorical style of Samaras!

From the floor of parliament, comrade Panagiotaros, blasted the pseudo-democrats and their hypocritical sensitivities. The president, I. Tragakis, attempted to silence the voice of truth, and stated to the Golden Dawn MP that his time is up. Expressing the overwhelming majority of Greek people, Ilias Panagiotaros was set off like a catapult toward the united front of the unconstitutional arc, which cheats and deceives the Greek people every day.

He concluded and reiterating what Samaras stated to the justice official, exactly it as was recorded in the audio document: “Samaras won’t fuck Golden Dawn. You’re finished!”

The Samaras audio: