Ilias Kasidiaris- Joint EEZ and Single Defence Area

Friday, 7 November 2014 - 01:18

Ilias Kasidiaris- Joint EEZ and Single Defence Area

Article by Ilias Kasidiaris in the newspaper "Golden Dawn"

The positions of the Golden Dawn for the Cyrpus's issue, energy and the balance of powers in Eastern Mediterranean

Once again the absolute poverty, lack and lowest attitude of the collapsing power of Samaras-Venizelos are proved. The Turks are wandering for days within the boundaries of the Cyprus's EEZ and Greece is completely absent, while its leadership is self-humiliating and sells out the rights of Hellenism. Samaras's alter-ego, Ana(n)stasiadis has completely disappeared. The Greek servant of the international usury, despite the fact that he was present at the conference issue of the European leaders, did absolutely nothing. (That’s why he was obsessively begging the evening News to lie about that supposedly had…"intense confrontation" with Cameron on the Cyprus’s issue and the Turkish provocation). Unfortunately Greece is run by weaklings unable- not only to guard its rights- but even to speak before their alleged allies.

Turks, Zionists and Egyptians within Cypriot EEZ – Hellas is absent… 

As soon Davutoğlu created a new artificial tension southern of Crete with the sailing of the "Barbaros", all regional states mobilized. Israel and Egypt rushed to make their presence known in the most sought-after economic zone in the Mediterranean. The Block 12, which is wholly owned by the Republic of Cyprus, it is proven that includes huge quantities of natural gas. This great treasure should certainly be ensured by Greece with frigates, submarines and warplanes. Instead, our country is completely absent and the Cypriot security is based unfortunately on the Israeli f-16. The Jews have agreed with Cyprus and take advantage of the deposits of the island, a consequence of which is the Israeli Leviathan deposit, which already exploit in cooperation with US (consortium of Delek and Noble Energy).

Sending a strong aeronautical force in Cyprus is the most appropriate move. Instead the traitorous Greek leadership prefers to go trips in Europe and whimper to the international usurious oligarchy. Instead the Greek f-16 block 52+ to park at Paphos airport, instead the Greek frigates to patrol south of free Cyprus, our Armed Forces are completely absent. Samaras should at least send to Cyprus the…"Venizelos’s submarines" commanded by the president of thief-PASOK himself, but they are leaning from the kickbacks. They are dreary guys who are not capable of safeguarding even the Greek EEZ, which is a strange picture as Helladistan-samaristan does not dare to recognize it. Fortunately the days in power of those lowest bidders are limited and the flourishing of the Nationalist Movement will not be late to come.

Golden Dawn: the only political party with definite positions on major national issues

Golden Dawn is the only strong political party with a comprehensive proposal for the solution of the Greek problem. Leading position in our doctrine has the realizing of the national wealth of the country and its sources of energy. In the context of a wider effort of the Popular Association it is included the submission of the historical law proposal "Proclamation of the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone" from our parliamentary group. As you may remember, the day this proposal was submitted and discussed a relevant topical interpellation of our party, the well known incident with the Minister of Energy of ND-PASOK happened (we denounced in intense tone the political system: "Thieves, Corrupt, Cheats, where is the Lagarde list etc…"). It is worth quoting once again our fixed positions on Greek EEZ, the Cyprus’s issue, energy and international alliances. These 4 major issues are correlated and their addressing will lead to the realization of the vision of the Popular Association. Greece will not be a sad protectorate of foreign forces anymore and will be converted into a leading force in the Eastern Mediterranean.

EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONE: Direct framing of the boundaries of the Greek EEZ based on the median line principle and considering as an integral whole the maritime boundaries between Greece and Turkey from the mouth of Evros up to Kastellorizo. 

CYPRUS’s ISSUE: Application of the doctrine of the Joint Defense Area of Greece-Cyprus, which in combination with the adjacent EEZs of the two States, will be equivalent to de facto Union of the island with Greece. The above actions will in the medium term convert Greece into leading force in the geopolitically sensitive area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

ENERGY: Nationalization of all our energy reserves and handing over the profits from their exploitation to the Greek people, aiming to make Greece a strategic energy hub. Notice of invitation of international competition for the award of the huge project of exploration and extraction of oil and gas that are enclosed in the Greek zone of economic exploitation.

NEW ALLIANCES: Conclusion defense agreement and launching of military cooperation with those countries with which it is possible to have a convergence of geopolitical interests and not naturally and deliberately RIVALRY and whose consortia will bid in the aforementioned competition. Reversal of our geopolitical orientation and review of our alliances, which have not offered anything for our national interests. Direct investment and energy shift to Russia.

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October 26, 2014